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Hey folks. I'm new to the forums, and -sigh- yes, i'm quite aware of the Judd history on this forum.  Frankly, i don't care.  If i only listened to musicians i liked as people, i wouldn't listen to much music at all.  Okay now that THAT's out of the way.

My latest Enz-related obsession is SF.  Yet, they're obscure even for an obscure band.  They only have 2 studio albums, almost no background info.  I know they opened for CH a number of times, but i don't even know how often they played live.

Does anyone know if any footage, audio or video exists of SF live?

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I saw them live twice in Sydney in 1988, neither time with CH - one was an ill-matched support for a cheesy act called the Enormous Horns, the other a headline show at the now-defunct Kardomah Cafe in Kings Cross. Apart from the simple thrill of seeing them as individual musicians up so close, I can vouch for the fact that they were excellent live. I remember they included a superfluous cover-by-numbers of 'Counting the Beat', I suppose thinking that people wouldn't be familiar enough with their own material. I've never come across any footage unfortunately. If you haven't seen this, you might find it interesting:

The link to the interview is also worth following if you're a Judd fan. It's a shame he's so disparaging about the SF experience (sadly, I gather they all are) because  the albums still stand up today IMO

I also saw Schnell Fenster live in 1988. Below is a list of live shows they did from the 1988 tour. I copy & pasted it from a previous post that I wrote. Not sure if there are any live recordings that were done from these shows (audio or video).

Fri 16 Sept - The Club (Melbourne)
Sat 17 Sept - The Club (Melbourne)
Wed 21 Sept - The Palace (Melbourne)
Thu 22 Sept - Mentone Hotel (Melbourne)
Fri 23 Sept - Royal Hotel (Drouin)
Sat 24 Sept - Central Club (Melbourne)
Fri 30 Sept - Dee Why Hotel (Sydney)
Sat 1 Oct - Kardomah Cafe (Sydney)
Sun 2 Oct - Kardomah Cafe (Sydney)
Fri 7 Oct - Checkpoint Charlies (Melbourne)
Sat 8 Oct - Corner Hotel (Melbourne)
Thu 13 Oct - Adelaide (TBA)
Fri 14 Oct - Adelaide (TBA)
Sat 15 Oct - Adelaide (TBA)
Sun 16 Oct - Adelaide (TBA)
Thu 19 Oct - Melbourne (TBA)
Fri 20 Oct - Melbourne (TBA)
Sat 21 Oct - Melbourne (TBA)
Sun 22 Oct - Melbourne (TBA)

Obviously there are some more dates that have shown up like:

14 Sept - Velvets (Bendigo, Vic)
11 Nov - Gossips (Coolangatta, QLD) - I was there !

Surely there must be some more dates in between 22 Oct & 11 Nov. I'm wondering if the Gossips gig was the only Qld gig but something tells me there would have been more Qld gigs (especially Brisbane etc.)

Peter's research matches the dates on the Bio, especially the Adelaide gigs as they were marked as TBA so this all fits in well with Peter's dates so that leaves 2 more possible Adelaide dates on Oct 15 & 16 (1988) which could be the missing dates you are after regarding the Adelaide Uni gig.

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The link to the interview is also worth following if you're a Judd fan. It's a shame he's so disparaging about the SF experience (sadly, I gather they all are) because  the albums still stand up today IMO

I had an interesting thought last night, after reading the interview you linked here.

Judd forms bands/projects with very specific visions in mind.  He wanted split enz to be auditory art.  He was forced make a solo record/split up Swingers, he wanted Fenster to be a jam band (essentially).  And when these things don't happen EXACTLY the way he imagines them to happen, he cuts, runs and then looks down on the experience as a failure.  It's interesting.  I can understand why so many people find him difficult to work with.  It's either his way, or it's wrong.  Which is unfortunate, cos everything he's been in has at least a few moments of genius.

Just updated our Schnell list (well part of it)  a few more venues etc for you "Enz Boy"  

1. Bendigo- *Velvets  (Sept'88)
2. Melbourne - The Club  (17th)
3. Melbourne - The Club 
4. Melbourne - Palace 
5. Melbourne - *Mentone Hotel
6. Drouin *The Royal Hotel
7. Melbourne - Richmond *Central Club
8. Sydney - *Dee Why Hotel
9. Sydney - Kardomah Cafe (Oct 88)
10. Sydney - Kardomah Cafe
11. Melbourne - *Checkpoint Charlies
12. Melbourne - Richmond *Corner Hotel
13. Adelaide *Le Rox
14. Adelaide *Le Rox
15. Adelaide *Colonnades Tavern, Christies Beach
16. Melbourne - Chasers
17. Brisbane  (Nov 88)
18. Toowoomba
19. Coolangatta *Gossips
20. Brisbane
21. Sydney - Mona Vale
22. Sydney - Kardomah
23. Sydney - Kardomah
24. Melbourne - The Club
25. Melbourne - The Club
26. Adelaide - University
27. Adelaide - University

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