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Hey folks - has anybody else ever thought about ranking your favourite Tim and Neil music entities?? I buy everything they release, and by and large love most of it. I definitely have my favourites though. I found it was pretty easy to list my top 5. It got a bit harder after that.

The current Crowded House entity could still make a big move up the list based on the next album. I enjoyed DAW, and found the band brilliant live, but have found myself enjoying both the Forenzics and AT albums so much more. I haven't placed either Forenzics or AT as entities in their own right on my list. I link Forenzics with the Enz, and AT with ALT for the purpose of this (but admit the rationale could be a little floored given I break the ENZ and CH into eras).

My rankings did help me understand the strength of my feelings about some of the more recents albums. At heart I am an Enz fan, and the pre-True Colours era is my favourite. ALT comes in next for me after the Enz. I have an irrational love for ALT. I saw them live before Altitude came out, and I've never looked forward to an album as much as I did that one. I became a huge Andy White fan off the back of that and the AT album has been amazing for me (just tinged with a little disappointment that Liam wasn't involved). Similarly Forenzics' Shades and Echoes was amazing as it revisits some of the old Enz songs (again, tinged with a little disappointed that it didn't include Phil Judd... but yeah, I know that will probably never happen and the complications with that!).

I just couldn't get into the Tim/Phil Manzanera albums though. It simply wasn't my thing, and I guess doesn't link to music that connects with me. That is probably the only entity that that I haven't enjoyed. I really liked Pajama Club even though when I have to look across everything critically - its ends up down the bottom.

I think how we first get exposed to the music is a big influence too. I grew up with the music of Split Enz and they were my first ever concert. Actually my list is pretty much in the order in which I saw them live (if you combine the Enz and CH entities). It would be interesting to see the list of somebody who first come across Neil in 2007 at a live CH concert. I would imagine that CH (2006-2016) might be at the top, and the Enz potentially somewhere down the bottom.

My favourites in order

1. Split Enz (70s)

2. Split Enz (80s)

3. ALT

4. Crowded House (85-96)

5. Finn Brothers

6. Tim Finn solo

7. Neil Finn solo

8. Crowded House (current)

9. Crowded House (2006-2016)

10. Pajama Club

11. Finn/Manzanera (last by quite a long way)

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I haven't followed Tim and Neil Finn's career from the very start to the present, however I can contribute a poll from a Facebook group asking what were they favourite Neil Finn (sorry, not Tim Finn) 'career' time. (Poll was back in August 2020 so the current Crowded House - which we saw from the home performances back then - would be probably higher up now).

343 'votes' were in total-

Went in the following order

1. Crowded House (1986-1996)

2. Split Enz

3. Finn Brothers

4. Solo career

6. Crowded House (2006-2016)

7. Seven Worlds Collide

8. With Paul Kelly

9. Crowded House (present)

10. Pajama Club

11. With Liam Finn

12. Fleetwood Mac

1. Crowded House 1986-1993 (five albums)

2. Finn Brothers (2 albums)

3.. Split Enz (Neil Era) (9 albums)

4. Tim Finn 1999-2011 (five albums)

5. Crowded House 2007-2011 or so. (two albums)

6. Neil Finn solo (four albums)

7. LIam Finn solo (three albums)

8. Tim Finn & Phil Manzanera.(three albums counting Southern Cross)

9. Split Enz (Judd Era)

10. Tim Finn -1983-1993.(four albums)

11. Betchadupa (two albums, two EPs)

Only one release thus more data required (in order of best to worst in my opinion

  1. Forenzics
  2. AT
  3. Liam and Eliza Jane
  4. ALT
  5. Harper Finn's collected works
  6. Pajama Club
  7. BARB
  8. Elroy Finn

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