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So what's everyone's favourite EnzSo track? I've been giving the first album a bit of a hammering lately, and I have to say, it's a toss up between Poor Boy (Dobbyn sings it so well, so plaintive), Dirty Creature and My Mistake, with an honoury mention to Voices. The rest of the album (plus all of the second, bar shark attack for comic reasons) never gets a look in.

I have been finding myself doing crap impersonations of Sam Hunt for a while now...... next I'll be moving into a house boat.
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Hey Paul, is that the thumbs down to Under The Wheel? I think the arrangement is good, but I can't help but bleat in a bad Phil Judd way over the top of Sam Hunt, it is very offhand. However, I love the EnzSo 2 version of Shark Attack and there was SLAUGHTER, in the WATER, when I FOUGHT HER, go that beat poet ranting Smiler

Honoury Mention to Stranger Than Fiction as well, though totally ruined by a bombastic and badly sung Time For A Change.
Camus, I agree with two of your three. "My Mistake" is great galumphing fun; it sounds as if it had been meant for an orchestral arrangement all along. The recording of "Dirty Creature" did a beautiful job of bringing out the song's menace, which doesn't come through as strongly in the original version. I especially liked being able to hear the lyrics so clearly during the verses. Can't agree about "Poor Boy," though. Never did like that song much. Smiler

No, pharmgirl, it's not just you: the orchestral version of MTMG gave me a few chills as well. The arrangement is a little over the top, but it gets me anyhow, and Neil's singing is wonderfully expressive. I thought well of "I Hope I Never" too--it was a pleasant surprise, since I don't know Annie Crummer from a hole in the wall. Wink

Camus, You'd be better qualified than most to comment on the arrangements for Enzso but I thought they were often a little too ambitous - like eddie was trying to use everything available to him just for the sake of it. Like all the choir stuff.

As much as the albums were just okay - the live experience was just amazing - totally enveloping. Tim and Sam Hunt brought down the atmosphere a bit by being keen not to appear up themselves but it was truely great.

Eddie himself said that it was only after the tour that he realised how it should have been recorded and arranged. Said he was at least comforted by some great DAT recordings of concerts.

Question is - is there any chance of hearing some of these? Jaffa, Peter?
Actually, I thought that the orchestral arrangements were on the bland side... so I wouldn't have said they were ambitious! I think Eddie took some songs that originally had some orchestration or naturally lent themselves to it, and just rearranged them. I thought most of the arrangements were uninspired.

I liked the albums and it was a kick in the head live, but the arrangements didn't thrill me. Well Sam Hunt wasn't a kick in the head live. I thought he was way odd... not my taste.
Camus, You'd be better qualified than most to comment on the arrangements for Enzso
You old flatterer Gideon Smiler

I can see where both Incognito and Deb are coming from. The arrangements seem a tad overblown (rather than ambitious) to me, did every song really have to end in a huge orchestral finale? The choir is certainly underused, it seems to be there simply for the sake of spectacle. I feel it was only really used to its full potential in The Devil You Know. Some songs seemed an odd choice to me, EnzSo seemed like the perfect opportunity to unveil an orchestral version of Nightmare Stampede. At 15 mins, with various sections, these and the other Judd songs seemed to work the best. There are some (Strait Old Line springs immediately to mind) where something quite different has been attempted. Dirty Creature works well as a hugely overblown Biblical Epic, but many, like Stranger Than Fiction are quite bland compared to the originals, but when this is (I believe) Eddie Rayners first attempt at orchestration, I'm not surprised, especially as he is working through a transcriber (as he can't read or write music so I believe). Taking this into account, it really is a very good effort. EnzSo 2 is worse, it doesn't seem to build on the success of EnzSo, and the arrangements seem less inspired and more bland. The absence of both Finns is sorely felt as well. Of course, all in my humble opinion Smiler

Agreed about MTMG, made me quite emotional when I heard the EnzSo version live.
It's almost like I posted that m'self! Well said, and I agree down to your analysis of each mentioned song.

In contrast, I read an interview somewhere with I think it's Tony Visconti who had worked with Sparks in the 70s and then got hired to work on their Plagiarism album. They wanted to do orchestra + chorus versions of some of their tunes. Tony said something about coming up with complicated arrangements and bringing them to Ron and Russell, who would ask him to rework them to make them stranger. Or something like that. So those songs are VERY interesting.

I'm not at all impressed by how the chorus is used. It's like my piano playing: block chords. And again, he picked songs that were natural picks... Nightmare Stampede is NOT a natural pick, and probably would have been interesting to everybody.
Hi all, I must give "Message To My Girl' the big thumbs up. I'll use it at my wedding when the bride walks down the aisle (Whenever I get married, not even engaged or nothing!).
It's got enough to melt away this hardened exterior. Love it, love it, LOVE IT.

Being front row in Adelaide at the EnzSo concert and listening to Neil sing it was brilliant. I also am partial to 'Stuff and Nonsense', 'My Mistake', 'Voices' and 'Stranger Than Fiction'. They're pretty cool. Cool album, cool concept.
Hey everyone
The only thing i dont really like on Message to my Girl is i think its the first chouros(?) the music doesnt quite seem to fit the song... but thats just my opinion. I only just brought this album but imediantly loved I see Red, Poor Boy and Message To My Girl.
I dont like how, in some parts it seems like the voices are drown out by the orchestra, but i guess its kinda supposed to be like that!
Hi Icognito, I thought actually that's what you meant, too ambitious for a first attempt. There's a truly sublime moment in I Hope I Never where the rest of the Orchestra finally shuts up and it's all stripped back to a string quartet. Eddie must have liked it so much he does the same thing on EnzSo2 with Maybe.

True oh worthy Frenz Webmistress, they are the most obvious commercial picks. Now if I'd picked the songs we'd have had Jamboree, Charlie, True Colours, Best Friend, Play It Strange, Titus and The Woman Who Loves You (not just the truncated spoon solo tacked onto the end of Strait Old Line, and how boringly arranged was it?). But I guess the general public wouldn't recognise any of them. The only truly commercial pop record that was successfully changed into something truly orchestral IMHO is Poor Boy, listen to those rising string chords at the end, combined with the familiar rif on piano..... I've started drooling thinking about it.

Speaking of arrangements, in the chorus of My Mistake we have all the great oddball timpani stuff (even if it is a cliche) with very tasteful rolled harp chords, then the whole thing is ruined by using the same orchestration as last time when it comes to the tally ho my dear bit, it sounds half finished, with just the brass climbing a diminished chord. Where left hanging nowhere at the end before the whole orchestra crashes back in with the most overblown verion of Gillies solo I've ever heard. I'd like to stress that I still think it is a very impressive first attempt.

Just as an aside (and this is really petty) was pleased to see Eddie Rayner make a huge mistake in the piano solo of The Woman Who Loves You when I saw it live in Melbourne. It proved to me he wasn't infallible Smiler

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