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As we all know, these fellas had some crazy-ass videos. What is YOUR fave?
I really like the "Message to My Girl" video. I must admit that it is my favorite song, but the video is great because it's simple and colorful, and still leaves the song up to the listener's imagination. And Neil is so friggin adorable. Big Grin

"Pioneer/Six Months in a Leaky Boat" is swell, too, but who the heck is that crazy native guy with the tongue?
And again, Neil is cute as all get out, and Tim is quite handsome in his Thurston Howell III outfit. His dimples really show in this video. Razzer
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So many great videos.
One of my all time favorites would have to be the
video for 'Lovey Dovey.' How bizarre and thoroughly entertaining. Eddie is particularly hilarious in this video. Watch his shoulders and
facial expressions. At one point his jaw starts moving like he's moaning and receiving some sort of sensual pleasure from his piano stool.
'I Walk Away' is definitely the most professional looking and has stood the test of time, plus the guys look like they really enjoyed making it, judging by all the smiling faces and larking about in it Smiler

Favourite one for me is 'Never Ceases To Amaze Me' - it's got everything: Tim with bouffant hair, cigarette-smoking chimps, candy floss, giraffes, hippos, fairground rides, school classrooms, and the Enz dressed in Star Trek-style clothes and silver space boots.

Just a regular video, then.
After watching the Music Max -Enz/Crowdies special the other night I have to say I really love those early Enz videos, you know the ones when Phil Judd was remotely interesting...ok I am joking Judd get over it.
Seriously though I do love Late Last Night,
Sweet Dreams, even the mid Enz stuff like I See Red- how Herman Munster does Eddie Rayner look when Tim throws his flowers away off his piano...BUT blink and next shot they are back again on the piano, then gone again....train spotting at my age!!!
History never repeats I like cos of the song and the mixtire of costumes, Dirty creature for the Pool footage and those David Bowie Ashes to ashes sci fi effects....
Things- the guys HATE, I kind of perversley like it because they hate it....
Next Exit was just dorky, Strait Ol Line is pretty upmarket....oh I can't decide.
Hey Gryphy,
Which other ones do the boys hate? Just curious...

I like the History Never Repeats too, especially Neil's "nerd" look--um, he makes that look work for him a little too easily
Big Grin (just kidding!!)
And I hadn't noticed the bit with the flowers! How funny is that. Bloopers are great. (It reminds me of Han Solo going into the carbonite chamber in Empire Strikes Back--vest is on, vest is off. Vest is on again, vest is gone again!!!! Confused Razzer
1. Message
2. I See Red
3. Bold As Brass / Dirty Creature

Honorable mention to the Countdown clips for I Got You and One Step Ahead. I heard there's a great Countdown clip to Hard Act To Follow (guys wearing viking caps) but I've never seen it.

By the way, does anybody know who the guy on the sidelines is during the fadeout of Message to My Girl (left of screen if memory serves me right)?

Nathan Brenner perhaps? PG?


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