Today it's Glen Hansard.
Sometimes it's Paul Weller.

It tends to change a lot too.

It's never James Blunt. Ever. We'll be setting up a stall immediately prior to his set at the Electric Picnic selling rotten fruit and veggies if anyone is interested. Do come along. Depending on how the day goes, we may expand our range to harder items likely to cause injury... Smiler
Hi there !! Smiler
Is it a one-off ? If so, no reply would make much sense... otherwise my first picks would be
David Bowie, Joe Strummer, Bjork, Peter Hammill, Bob Dylan, David Byrne... and many more,
as for everyone... uh, Tori Amos, Sting... stop, stop!! Big Grin
I defend my democratic right to think that James Blunt is a steaming pile of dog poo...

A heavily marketed steaming pile of dog poo...

Who takes his clothes off in videos to appeal to housewives... (All housewives run and start hitting me with various household items).

Who sounds like a squealing rabbit... and will probably make a lot of money for his record company.

Some people thought the same about David Gray. I don't. (In a hurried attempt to bring it back on topic) - David Gray is my favourite songwriter in this 24 hour period.
Iarla, I live in a dictatorship (in my mind), where you will be exterminated for likening such talent as James Blunt to a steaming pile of dog poo... expect a mail bomb in the post Smiler

As for taking his clothes off to appeal to housewives.... didn't CH do that in the video to WWY? It's a market you've got to exploit, so fair credit to the guy! And I can honestly say, I've never heard a rabbit squeal, so I can't compare.

Anyway... again drifting wildly off topic, so today I'll have to say:
Phil Collins
Michael Stipe
I'll be an old fuddy duddy and go for John Denver some beautiful ballads.
Liam from Hothouse Flowers Seasons Wheel one of my all time fav songs.
Gordon Lightfoot tells good stories.
Peter Gabriel Solsibury Hill, Mercy Street, Games without Frontiers some favs.
Steve Kilbey from the Church 'Blurred Crusade' ahhhhhh Under the Milky Way dreamy.
Originally posted by kidney:
[qb] What about Jason Mraz?

Very, very clever. Has anyone heard his new album? Still not released in the UK...... Can't wait to hear it. [/qb]
i have it but i had to import it from america. it is very good, as expected Smiler

good mentions of John Mayer and Ben Folds - two of my other favourites. And Tom McRae.

And James Blunt would probably be hurt by all of these comments, were it not for the rapidly expanding pile of money he's currently hiding behind Big Grin
Can Bjork count as a singer/songwriter? She's done some amazing stuff. I especially liked the misuc for 'Dancer in the Dark'...

Just playing music now, remembered that Gavin DeGraw deserves a mention (even if the production of his album lets him down a bit)...
I'd go for Don McGlashan myself (Muttonbirds, Front Lawn, etc.). Great music tied to wonderful lyrics - a real talent for storytelling and creating great songs from unlikely subjects.

Other songwriters that get under my skin:
Lauren Hoffman (
All the Wainwrights - Loudon, Martha & Rufus
Liz Phair (more her earlier stuff, but I still liked her last album)
Bjork is amazing. Very inventive and emotive.

Last night I discovered Jason Mraz is to tour the UK in Feb 06..........supporting James Blunt. In view of the talk on this thread I thought there was a certain irony there!

And guess what.......the Belfast gig at the Waterfront (as played in June by our Finns) was sold out the day the tickets went on sale. So there'll be no Jason for me this time around. I'm telling myself it would have been a case of 30 minutes of Jason followed by an hour and a half of James, whose work, apart from that single, I'm not familliar with at all.
i barely managed to get tickets for the gig at Brixton a few weeks ago, they sold within a few days in most cases.

Unilooney - opinion on the album seems to be that it's definitely a progression, and some have enjoyed that and others haven't. I def. fall into the earlier train of thought though.
Aimee Mann.
Chris Isaak.
Stephen Duffy.
Glenn Tillbrook.
Marty Willson-Piper.
Sheryl Crow.
Ben Folds.
Joe Jackson.
Thomas Dolby.

These are all artists whose entire body of work (almost) is in my collection.

Lennon and McCartney belong in the Finn Bros. category for me--too obvious to mention really.

Oldies mentions:

Jeff Lynne
Cat Stevens
John Fogerty
Ray Davies

Edited to add: I guess the question was singular. Who is the favorite other than the Finns (and Beatles for me). So I'd pick Stephen Duffy.

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