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This has probably been done before, so forgive me if it is completely redundant. What one song from each of the CH albums is your favorite?

Mine are:

Crowded House: Don't Dream It's Over
Temple of Low Men: Never Be the Same
Woodface: How Will You Go
Together Alone: Together Alone
Afterglow: Recurring Dream

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crowded house - (tie): world where you live, don't dream it's over

temple of low men - when you come

woodface - (tie): weather with you, whispers and moans

together alone - (tie): nails in my feet, walking on the spot

recurring dream - (tie): distant sun, instinct

afterglow - (tie): recurring dream, you can touch, sacred cow

i can't decide.

This is a ridiculously difficult question!

I'll give it a stab, but all of these could very well (and probably will) change by tomorrow (except for Nails In My Feet, which is perfect and therefore never changes Smiler ).

Crowded House - Now We're Getting Somewhere
Temple of Low Men - Into Temptation
Woodface - Four Seasons In One Day
Together Alone - Nails In My Feet
Afterglow - Recurring Dream

edit: As I was typing this out, Guy posted his list - imagine my surprise to hit "add reply" and see that our lists were identical except for one song! *laughs* You have good taste, Guy. Smiler
Good twist with favourite from each album, no way I could choose one overall favourite, it'll be hard enough choosing one off each album but here goes...

Crowded House Tombstone
Temple of Low Men In the Lowlands
Woodface It's Only Natural
Together Alone Nails in My Feet
Afterglow Help is Coming


Recurring Dream (Live Album) Kill Eye
...just 'cause I had to give props to Kill Eye Wink
Favorite Crowded House songs now:

Crowded House: "World Where You Live"
TOLM: Oooh, that is hard, love the whole album...I guess "When You Come"
Woodface: "Four Seasons In One Day" probably because it has become my favorite CH video.
TA: "Private Universe"
Afterglow: "Recurring Dream", ever since I put that song on a mix tape it just pops out so brightly.
Greatest Hits: "Everything Is Good For You"
Here's mine:

Mean to Me, World Where U Live, DDIO, Hole In The River, Love U Til' and Can't Carry on from the debut.

ALL of TOLM. Flawless. (Well just the flaw that sister madly doesn't live up to it's live incarnation)

Whispers and Moans, Weather With You and Four Seasons from Woodface (not a big WF fan)

All of TA for a big south pacific chill out.

Everything Is Good For U and Not The Girl from RD.

Pretty much most of Afterglow (besides perhaps my telly's gone bung, time immemorial, and most definitely anyone can tell).

yeah and i'm done.
Here's for the Zen Roxy\That's What I Call Love appreciation group (All together now! wiggawiggawiggawooo, I die tonight!)
CH-DDIO/World Where You Live
TOLM- Into Temptation/Love This Life
Woodface- Fours Seasons/Weather With You
Together Alone- This is hard because it was over a year before I could listen to single songs on this album. Up until then I could only listen to the disc start to finish, it was that completely perfect to me. But, if I have to choose, it's Walking on the Spot.
Afterglow-Time Immemorial/Lester (one of the sweetest and saddest songs ever)
Before this thread gets too far removed from current...

CH (self/un-titled): Don't Dream It's Over
Temple of Low Men: Love This Life
Woodface: Fall At Your Feet
Together Alone: Distant Sun
Afterglow: Recurring Dream

It dawns on me that I got to hear all 4.5 of these (DDIO, LTL, FAYF, DS, and a partial snippet of RD) on the most recent tour... In the words of Ben Fong-Torrez from "Almost Famous"... "crazy".

Slightly different...

Crowded House: Mean to me
Temple of Low Men: Better be home soon
Woodface: (very hard) She goes on / Fall at yr feet
Together Alone: (seen a maori choir perform Together alone - in my face ! words fail me.. but fave song is... well actually 2 : Distant Sun / Nails in my Feet
Afterglow: .... for what it is worth.... recurring dream is my favourite.

** Fave Live Track **
Neil Finn tour - 1998 - Fingers of Love

*** Favourite other song ***
... lets get a new thread going for fave other songs...!

"Frank's Dark Past"

This is so tough, but I'll have a go...

CH - Don't Dream It's Over (runner up NWGS)
ToLM- Better Be Home Soon (runner up Into Temptation)
WF- Fall at you Feet (runner up Whispers and Moans FTTW version)
TA - Distant Sun (runner up Fingers of Love FTTW version)
AG - Recurring Dream

Too bad I'll change my mind in 5 minutes

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