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Although it changes frequently, I think some of my favourite Phil-penned songs are those from the Rikki & Pete soundtrack, in particular those from the Other Enz disc (owing to me not having the soundtrack). From those, I'd say Fingers Crossed was the big one that I fell in love with. I'd be interested to hear how those songs would sound if it was Phil doing the lead vocal instead of Wendy Matthews as well.

Yeah, Counting is one of those songs that ALWAYS has a vibe, no matter how often I hear it. But I really love some of the songs from the Sound of Trees - esp. Lamplight, The Sound of Trees and This Illusion. And for a complete contrast, Funny Feeling (swingers) is pretty good too. And the Amy soundtrack stuff is really really good.
Pete, apart from the relevant Enz LPs I've got Other Enz, TSOT and OAUOY. My favourites would probably be Sleeping Mountain, Lamplight, Whisper & That's Impossible from the first and Hapy Feet, Rebecca and Vivid Imagination from the 2nd.

Actually I think the first LP stands out for creating a dark enough mood you don't get anywhere else this side of REM's "Automatic For The People"

and as for the 2nd, I thought that "Vivid Imagination" might have been five or so minutes longer... :-)

Interesting that yu should mention 'Happy Feet' - you must be one of us rare people that can listen past dodgy sounds and bad production to hear a good song!! As for 'Vivid Imagination" it is pretty amazing considereing that i read somewhere that it was a jam while the tape was rolling and Phil just made the lyrics up as he went - a truly poetic and brilliant mind at work! But yes, 'Lamplight' has brilliant lyrics -
"We share the same secret
like a bright sun -sunset
Sad and beautiful but yet
fadng like the twilight..."
As a drummer :-) I find the extremely dodgy percussion most enthralling, but yes I think the song ("Happy Feet") is quite unique lyrically... and proves once again that the two note, eight bar guitar solo never was dead?

I believe the story about Vivid Imagination being a taped jam - that's exactly what it sounds like - but it locks into the most exceptional groove! Friends of mine who haven't even heard of SF always pick this song up when I'm playing the "OK Alright..." LP. And that's why I say it is interesting to think what might have been if that number was developed.

I take my hat off to anybody who uses the word "calico" when improvising lyrics... :-)

Ah, I miss SF.

Amen sisterz and brotherz. I really enjoyed SF albums, especially Sound of Trees. OK Alright I like as well, but it doesn't sound like they grew from their previous album. Maybe that's because of songs like Black Flower, which I like, but was a pre-Sound of Trees demo. So it's a bit hodge-podge to me.

I really like Love Hate Relationship, mostly because the music almost goes somewhere in the chorus, and it backs up what they're saying. I just like clever music like that. And if we're going to quote lyrics from Lamplight, we should head right for the bit that starts "staccato of her knuckles on the tabletop..."

Hooray for Schnell Fenster!

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