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I disagree. I think the shots of the faces in the crowd add to the presentation and during some songs, especially Don't Dream It's Over, they bring even more emotion to the performance.

The audience presence sets any live concert apart from a studio performance and this is particularly true for Crowded House, who have always had a fantastic interaction with their fans.

With so many DVDs offering multiple disk sets with extra scenes, bonus material, remixed sound, etc, I think some people's expectations are getting overly high. Yes, it would be nice to have extra features on the DVD, but the VHS version is inspired and I would be quite happy if it was transferred as is to the DVD version.
To each their own...but it's worth noting that almost anything that gets reissued these days, be it albums or movies or concerts or whatever, is reissued with bonus material. Any reissued CD these days is going to have at least a bonus track or two, if not an entire disc of outtakes. Movies on DVD have commentaries, extra scenes, interviews etc...

Isn't that kind of the point of reissuing on DVD, that besides offering better fidelity you now have the opportunity to include pertinent material that wouldn't fit on a VHS tape? Or to present a more fully realized version ("director's cut" and such) than the first time around? For those reasons I think it's totally reasonable to expect something extra on the FTTW DVD. That being said I'll still buy it if there isn't anything--it's better than nothing--but if that's the case it's a wasted opportunity and I'll be a little disappointed.
Any reissued CD these days is going to have at least a bonus track or two, if not an entire disc of outtakes.

Which is sadly not the case for half the re-issued Enz catalogue. Second Thoughts, The Beginning of the Enz, Time and Tide, Conflicting Emotions, none of them have bonus tracks, and there were plenty to choose from.
Shame really. I hope they turn up on a Volume 2 of "The Other Enz" or something.

It's probably a good thing that the Farewell To The World doesn't have the "some director talking over the top of the image" option. Nothing would have you reaching for the remote faster than some guy saying...."& here's the bit where Neil dropped his guitar pick, & it was at that moment that i decided to go to a long shot, & i can't remember why, which is a shame really, because you miss all the action, & by the time we cut back to camera 3 for a close up, he'd found it again. It was really quite funny actually." ect.

It reminds me of the multi-disc editions of Lord Of The Rings Dvd's that came out, where they had everything from hours of make-up, to the director making a cup of tea & brushing his teath, & all at the same time. Amazing! I'll take 2 thanks. Some behind the scene extras are good & interesting, but LOTR certainly should have got an Oscar for overkill on that! Big Grin

Only hope there is a good surround sound mix. Always good to recreate the feeling of almost being there. Smiler
I was actually refering to the Mega-12 Disc LOTR set Camus. A friend of mine had this, & i think we sat for a whole weekend trying to get through it all, but in the end, i very unpolitely drifted off on the sofa, only to be woken by the sounds of laughter. Although with 12 discs, i wasn't the only one. Big Grin

It would be great to have a comentary option by either Neil, or Nick, or both! Smiler
Much prefer a bandmember doing a comantary than the director, or the cinematographer (that's cameraman to some!).
& if you haven't seen the 12 disc extravaganza, don't try & do it in a weekend. If people tell you it can be done, don't believe them. You have to eat & sleep (amongst other things) as well. Big Grin
A band commentary is still possible. Of course Paul would be missed...but is there any solid reason that Neil, Nick, Mark and Tim shouldn't get together and comment on their show? It would be one thing if they recorded a new album with a new drummer and called themselves Crowded House...but I don't think the same issues apply to the rest of them doing a DVD commentary.

Toss it in the wishful thinking/"what if" category, but I think a commentary with those 4 would be great.
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I'll put my hand up and say that I think an audio commentary would be great if at all possible. Maybe Neil, Nick and Mark (oh, let's throw in Tim as well then) don't relish the idea of sitting talking about an old gig but done right and it'd be a nifty little bonus for the fans. Throw in the director and producer and you'll get yourself a decent commentary (well, that's the theory).

As a side note, the best audio commnetaries I've heard yet are on the DVDs for The Simpsons and Futurama. They get a group of directors/writers/producers/actors to do them and it's certainly not boring. They poke fun at the show, give some behind the sceners (when paying attention to what's on screen), add extra jokes (in Futurama's case) and it just sounds like a group of friends came over to watch it with you. Much beter than the "...and I designed this shot to blah blah blah" or "...and here's John Smith, a wonderful actor who did a fantastic job" varitey. Anyway, having mentioned I got Simpsons and Futurama box sets, you'll probably realise where my head's at.

Anyway, back to the thread...
If the band felt hesitant about doing a standard DVD commentary over the whole concert then maybe just a few comments at the start of each song will suffice. It could possibly be done through a branching option that was selected on the Play menu (eg; "Play with intro commentary")

This would work if there was a decent length interview already in the bonus features that covered most of their opinions on the show.

I got the idea watching a VHS of Jenny Morris's "Story so Far". Before each song started, a couple of comments by Jenny about the song can be heard over a freeze frame image.

Just a thought. Smiler

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