Originally posted by blue giraffe:
[qb] In the tour 05 programme it says November 05 for the FTTW DVD, have already got the vid, but expect I shall get this one too! [/qb]
YAY xmas is definitely sorted for me Big Grin Big Grin

im stocking up on all my finn related music this yr Smiler so happy
Originally posted by gryphon:
[qb] Roo and Bunyip
yeah Led Zep is really great, but I'd expect so the budget was massive.....from memory it was close to 15 times what we had for the poor old Enz DVD....maybe more... so I expected a lot to be spent on restoration.

Gawd I totally disagree been buying heaps of music DVDs lately, even basic stuff like Dandy Warhols, Robin Black..(thanks Mary Ann), Led Zep, Stones box set, Anthology, Lou Reed and the Trex- UK DVD...

Could be the usual "music doesn't sell as much" which is a reality....still some of us will continue to do what we do to get it out to you guys.

Loads of factors around the Opera House, even different band members views on what should be on it.......

The Skyhooks DVD that was done as part of our releases had some really great restoration...considering the budget etc There is a small before and after segment.... even the Enz stuff I was pretty happy with considering what state some of the "masters" were in.....the original I See Red film stock adds a nice feel.....

anyway lets see how we go.....
Peter [/qb]
You must be so proud of the skyhooks dvd
so many videos plus seeing the guys in the studio plus commentary.
Is it too early to say what was missing from the video that was on concert.I mean the video went for 115 minutes ,How long did the concert go for ?
Originally posted by Jeremy and Nicola:
[qb] Bonus DVD tracks with recent singles and EIH special edition has really wetted the appetite for more Finns/CH on DVD. The picture quality on the Special Edition from the Wellington shows is awesome.

Hope the DVDs are packed with everything that's available, but like the idea of the interview material being on a separate second disc, so as not to interrupt the flow of the concert recording itself which should run through with no breaks.

Any more news on what's likely to be on the Retrospective CD and whether a Finn brothers live DVD is defintely on the cards or not? The Blood Harmonies gig would be great in full on DVD, but personally would love to see the Bedford Theatre show in its entirety - as we were there and it was a great night!

But all of that can come when Neil and Peter are ready. There's plenty of time for giving the fans new releases and now is not one of them. But agree with others that a quality Crowdies retrospective and Farewell to the World would be a fitting tribute to Hessie with a share of proceeds going to the Mirabel or Paul's kids. [/qb]
i loved everyone i shere so much i was happy to buy the limited edition to get 6 new tracks and some live footage.too many bands put 2 songs and a remix disc and expect us to buy it.thankyou Finns
yeah the dvd from the special edition EIH is well worth it in the end

ive got it playing now on my tv, for some reason the sound doesnt come out on my computer when i try to play it in my dvd drive :s
PJ's and Blue Giraffe's post from before is still bang on I think. I can't wait for November.

I bought my own copy of the Finn Brothers souvenir program in Auckland this August, and man, what a tease to see the FTTW DVD listed in the brothers' discography.

I just hope when it gets released, its world-wide, and not NZ-Australia first, then maybe the U.K. next, and then maybe us after a few months.
Dean, I'm not usually bang on with anything but still hopeful!

Gryphon (Pete Green) is who we really want confirmation from.
Originally posted by Zombos:
[qb] Out of interest, what exactly was the full setlist that was played on the night? [/qb]
Mean To Me
World Where You Live
When You Come
Private Universe
Four Seasons In One Day
Fall At Your Feet
Whispers And Moans
Hole In The River
Better Be Home Soon
Pineapple Head
Distant Sun
Into Temptation
Everything Is Good For You
Locked Out
Something So Strong
Sister Madly
Italian Plastic
Weather With You
It's Only Natural
Now We're Getting Somewhere
Fingers Of Love
In My Command
Throw Your Arms Around Me
Don't Dream It's Over

i think that's the full set (24 songs) with no "not the girl" as on the setlist inside the video. hope all the songs made the DVD

i'd love to hear the songs left off the video (pineapple head/weather with you/italian plastic/now we're getting somewhere/throw your arms around the world) if they are available anywhere. anyone know?
Hi Mr Alphabet,

FYI, Weather With You appeared on the version that was Broadcast on Channel 10 Australia a week or so after the concert.

Both Italian Plastic and a small snippet of No We're Getting Somewhere appear on a fan club Video Newsletter (No 4 I think), shot from a handycam inthe crowd - hopefully they have them on a mater tape somewhere for the full release.

I'm pretty sure that I heard/read somewhere the aim is to release the full show if possible, there's just a lot of paperwork to be taken care of before anything can happen.
i hope it's a two disk dvd, or possibly comes with an aditional cd of the main concert highlights, then again maybe i'm just a dreamer !!
About the setlist again, didn't they play an old Irish song, The Partying Glass? I seem to remember something like that from the Something So Strong book. Can anyone help me on that?
I think the Farewell to the World dvd might be going through the record company now... instead of us, which I'm sure will blow out the November release and more likely 2006...
Sorry I know it's not what people wanted to hear but sometimes it happens.

Will keep you updated as soon as I know more.

Thanks for the update PG - you're right, not what we wanted to hear as Christmas list will now have to be revised - but at least it's sounding definate, albeit delayed.
thanks for the update Pete....been waiting for some news for ages. Shame about the release date being pushed back, but at least with the record company doing it- it might actually get the budget it deserves ?

any news on the concert footage yet, and what will be included? or you keeping it a surprise?
Thanks Peter......yes, it is disappointing to hear the latest - we have been looking forward to this for SO long (and especially after this year)but at least it is in good hands.

I have a horrible feeling that we may have to wait until Nov 06 until the 10 year anniversary...

I seriously hope I am wrong!

Not sure if I'll be able to wait THAT long!

Some tantalising snippets of what additional footage would be on it would certainly help.............!
Awww. That is a pity about the release date being pushed back.
Still... if the record company spend plenty of $$$ and time on the production it should be worth it! Heres hoping for the full uninterrupted set-list and tons of extras Smiler

Thanks again for the update Peter.
Thanks for the news Peter!

Think the record company may use the marketing ploy of it being 10 years ago, sadly, but I'm sure it will be worth the wait Smiler

I agree Roo, hopefully they will be able to put the extra money in, and make it extra special

Still can't wait, whenever it comes Big Grin
Personally, I don't trust the record company. After seeing the amazing job that the club did on the Split Enz DVD I'd much rather have the FTTW DVD done by the club as well. I guess it will have better distribution through a record company so that good. The fan club did do the Split Enz DVD, right?
I agree, would much rather the club do it than the record company...But any way it comes out is fine by me. I look forward to more info (Bonus features, is it the full set, official release date set).
Would've made a nice xmas pressie from me to me...I may just have to get my VHS transferred over to tide me over.
I was just thinking that this was due for release about now... forgot that the date had been postponed due to it now being done by the record company... Frowner

Any more news yet Peter?
I just hope it is sooner rather than later, and that proceed's go to paul hesters daughters. does anyone know if a date is set?
Just a quick Bump in the hope there's any more possible news. Dragged out the Vid again for a quick watch, and hanging out for a DVD version!!!! Razzer
Yers, it would be nice to actually see and hear CH instead of snow on my screen, and a incredibly poor, streched sound where there should be music.
Mmmmmmm....I'm confused. Can you please explain further Roo? I didn't see any new information in that link. Admittedly it is late and my eyesight ain't what it used to be - but I don't quite understand!

The latest we heard from Peter was that it had been given to the record company to produce and to presumably commemorate the ten year anniversary of FTTW. I certainly haven't heard of any glitches since then......has anybody else? I seriously hope not!

We are all anxiously awaiting it's release - *fingers crossed BIG time*, later this year.
I think the link Roo gave was more about the Dreaming DVD - the topic was started around 2001...

Last I heard too was Peter had passed it to the record company...
They're aiming to have the DVD out by the end of 2006. 10th anniversary, I guess. The multi-track tapes have only recently been located so a 5.1 surround mix has yet to be made.

*Rubs hands excitedly together with glee!* Big Grin

Sounds very promising....it's going to feel as if we were actually there! *sigh*

Can't wait!
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Oops, my bad Roll Eyes

Wow! This thread started waayyy back nearly three years ago Eeker

Here's hoping that FWTTW DVD will be jam-packed with extras and the FULL playlist from that night. Man, my VHS copy is looking washed out with all the play it's had!
Definitely need a DVD version now! Hopefully it will be here before the year's out. If it comes out throught the club I'm sure it'll be fab, I love all of the DVD's I've got from PG.

Can't wait! Wink
The reason i joined this forum is to get to the bottom of this dvd mystery. Many google searches brought me here.
I remember seeing the gig on TV here in N ireland about 9 yaers ago i guess, and it was such an unexpected treat. I had been a fan before them but hadnt seen them do anything live before that. Surely after all this hype from fans they should release a ten year aniversery edition ? Or is because the tapes have gone missing or something ?
Anyway nice to meet you all, this seems like a nice forum.
Welcome Colin!

Hopefully it will happen soon - I don't think they lost the tapes - I'm sure some of the other members of this forum will help if they have Big Grin

I think we're just waiting for when it comes - the sooner the better now... cough Big Grin
Living in the Us, I've never had a chance to see the FTTW video. I've heard bits, but not seen any. For those who have - how does it compare to other CH shows?

My guess is that it's much more emotional, and a bit like a ceremony, almost like you could check off what'll happen (ie Time comes on - check, Peter Jones appears, check, etc.) rather than enjoy the typical CH live spontenous combustion they were capable of.

Does the show suffer from that, or does it reach heights they didn't usually attempt?

Your opinions are appreciated. Maybe someday I can judge for myself!

Dave in Atlanta
You haven't seen it yet? Ohhh, you poor thing! It would have to be one of the most precious things I own - I must've watched it thousands of times. May the DVD come out soon so you can see the Crowdies magic that last time.

I guess it doesn't appear as spontaneously whacky as perhaps other shows you may have seen, but this has been edited quite a bit. Who knows what we missed out on? Perhaps those that were there could comment on the banter etc although the video did feature one of Paul's 'moments' on it!

It's a truly amazing show - the best I have ever seen and heard Crowded House play. It defies description - well, for me anyway! The emotion is so damn palpable - especially towards the end when the camera captures the raw emotion on Paul's face - I can never watch this now without a tear or two falling.....

Lovely to see the boys together at the end....soaking up the applause from that MASSIVE crowd...they were on fire that night - honestly.
Yeah, I'd like a chance to get my hands on a Farewell To The World DVD. Especially since i never knew about the farewell concert until i came to this forum.
I also anxiously await it's release as I've never seen it. Ash 1296, you gave a lovely description that only peaks my interest even more. The only live crowdies I've seen are the 2 live videos on the Dreaming video release by Capital, Sister Madly and I feel Possessed. Can't wait for the concert. Will be a great Christmas present to myself if indeed we have to wait until the end of this year!
Well it sounds like the tapes were missing, as Jaffa says they've only recently been located, so that could explain the delay, holding back till the tapes were located to do a 5.1 mix. Imagine how we'd all have whinged if they'd released it without a 5.1 remix Big Grin

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