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Just wondering among fellow finn fans which is your favorite concert or what you love about each.

Farewell is the best concert by any band in my opinion and also Pauls last which makes it that more emotional.

Encore the band are so tight and you can tell from the music how much fun the guys are having.

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Actually, I agree with the assessment that at that point the Crowdies were rather concerned that they might mess something up while writing themselves into history, so when it comes to concerts that have been a/v-documented, I would go for Fleadh '94 as a better concert than FTTW '96. The Encores I have neither watched on TV nor attended, so I cannot testify to the qualities of these.

Apples and oranges really. CH of old is not the CH of now. I had the pleasure of attending a "secret" Melbourne warm up gig in 1996 and it remains my favourite concert of all time. The sound, the energy, and the vitality of the band of 1996 was a different beast of that in 2016. Both sensational, but different experiences.

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Ok, so i was at both FTTW and Encore.

i agree that it’s like comparing apples and pranges.

1996 was like farewelling my teenage years and my all time favourite band. But i was conscious on the night and ever since when watching the show that for all the emotion and amazing moments (snippet of throw yr arms around me, hess’s tears, DDIO hanging final chord before a singalong coda) it was nowhere near their best gig (and ive seen close to 30). Tim’s singing was horribly out of tune, marks guitar on the distnt sun solo was out of tune, paul’s humour was a bit off for the kind of show that it was and nick seemed quite joyless on the night. Neil really did work like a craftsman to make it all stick together. An amazing night, incredibly emotional, a lot of baggage, and absolutely the right thing to do.

Encore was a band at peace. Several incarnations removed, older, wiser, more content. Ive never witnessed so much love ‘ina room’ for a band as that night. Their playing was effortless high class. The songs proved themselves truly timeless. Kids, grandparents, 40 somethings and even teens. It was quite something to behold. Neil’s songs have a hold on australian psyche ina very special way. It’s not inherently of australia like pail kelly. It’s not inherebtly 1980s like jimmy barnes. Neil and a bunch of mates happened to be living on our shores when he wrote and they helped craft some of the most delightful pop music of the lst 40 years. We love them for it and sydney, the showy tart that she is, has an amazing way of showing it. 

FTTW was the release we all had to have. Encore was like a joyous dessert u never thought u were going to be allowed to enjoy.

chalk and cheese, each hugely significant at their time.

other bands have a wild moment - it’s quite incredible to be reflecting on two 20 years apart


What they have in common is that I still listen to / watch them probably about once a week. They are both brilliant.

If I could keep only one for the rest of my life I'd go for Encore. It has a great happy, relaxed, content vibe to it. The arrangements are superb, and Neil's voice has a wonderful range. Just as a collection of CH songs it would do, because the Encore versions of those songs are among the best I've heard. And I love Neil's happy grin at the beginning: It's an amazing occasion.

FTTW has a lot of nervous energy, which leads to some great noise (several of the songs are faster, louder, rockier than in Encore). I love the versions of Locked Out, There Goes God, Private Universe. And Sister Madly and Italian Plastic will make anyone smile. Because Paul.

Sometimes the sadness of the occasion (and Paul) catches up with me, though. I haven't listened to the FTTW version of DDIO for years, just like I hate watching the last episode of some beloved TV show.

I'm just glad we have them both. (And others as mentioned above.) When I need to let off some steam, turn the sound up and go a bit mad and/or silly (typical weekday evening) > FTTW. When I need amazing music that reminds of how lucky I am (typical weekend) > Encore.

The sheer magnitude of 1996 is hard to top . A truly magical gig in a magical setting . The 2016 one though , the band are tighter for sure , and Neil is a miracle proving that 20 years later his voice is still magnificent , with very little difference !

Just glad we have them both ...

TBH I would like more , and it's long overdue ....

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