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Technicalities? What technicalities? I don't understand your choice of words referring to the quote you highlighted...Just because it was their last gig it doesn't mean it was their best. Everyone has an opinion and that it yours, fair enough. I think it was an excellent show myself but in my opinion, it wasn't the best I've ever seen. Sure, it was a grandiose occasion and all that added to the atmosphere but it was basically a greatest hits run through with not much banter.
Um, I hate to be the one throwing cold water on your enthusiasm, but that site looks a little "phishy" to me, first of all, it's full of typos, (I mean "please ensure you *the* have read the terms before sending"?) That's not the kind of phrase a professional organization would let stand. Plus, if it was really EMI, I think it would say so, not just "The Company." What is that, is it like "The Village?"

Just saying, is all. Flame away.
I don't want to contribute to this thread degenerating completely...but I have to say that while FTTW was an alright show and a special occasion and all, and I am very glad that one of their complete shows is getting an official release, it's kind of atypical. I have heard a few mediocre CH shows and FTTW certainly wasn't one of them, but of the 20 or so I've heard, I'd rank it 8th or so.

Little banter, little spontaneity or irreverence, sort of an act of closure more than purely intense performance. Again, I'm glad to see it released and will buy it the day it comes out, but I can't help but dream of a DVD of their famous London Odeon shows in 1993... Smiler
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Let's just say that from my personal perspective, it's the sheer musical and emotional release of the show that makes it so special to me.

We all have different beliefs about the show but I'm sure we all agree that it is a memorable occasion that we will (hopefully) be lucky enough to treasure for years to last!

Now...we just need to wait for the 'official' confirmation this is going ahead. I'm sure we won't have to wait too long for that either!
Hexed said:
Just saying, is all. Flame away.

I must say I had my doubts too at first because the site said so little. Also, the T&Cs seemed a bit incomplete - but I'm no copyright expert so I'll keep my mouth shut Smiler. Jaffa seems to be aware of the project, so this is likely to be a related project. The site is up again, it seems. I do hope it's all bona fide!

As I said, haven't seen the concert, but regardless of its level of technical perfection, it was the last. So if only for historical reasons it's important. And I love history Wink
Hexed, I thought the same thing as you to start with when I looked at that site.

I think the Farewell concert is probably the most atmospheric, the crowd is huge and goes off, it's in front of an Australian icon (the Sydney Opera House), the playing is well up to standard (I thought it was great) it's filmed well, and the sound is excellent. I haven't seen any other filmed concert by Crowded House that looks as good (I haven't seen them all of course, but I have seen quite a few). I'm sure others sound better, but I haven't seen one that looks as good.

Multitracks also exist for it so it can be mixed to 5.1 I don't think many other CH cocnerts would be in the same postition, filmed professionally and with multitracks for audio
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Originally posted by chrismawn:
I believe it was the Mentals Reg Mombasa that did the artork - could be wrong, but it looked very Mambo like, ala Pineapple Head single cover.

You should be right, i checked on his website and it's very similar. But i didn't find information to confirm this.
I think ( not sure ), he already did the picture for the original farewell to the world concert.

There is a new feature on, a mailing list is available.
Originally posted by ash1296:
That's exactly what my computer is doing when I click on that link.

I think we must be lacking something in our computers as I accessed the site on another computer and it worked perfectly....

Does anyone have an idea what could be happening as we already have Flash and it stills doesn't work!

Following the code source, it seems that this site is only testing browsers Internet Explorer and Opera, on Windows of course Smiler

Quite restrictive Frowner
But it still works on firefox Wink
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