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Hey all,
Bought both the DVD (standard edition) and the CD yesterday and have not even contemplated listening to anything else. Floods me with emotion and memories, 10 years goes quick hey! Anyway, a quick question, bought the standadrd DVD yesterday and was wondering what is better about the limited edition DVD? Cheers!
Originally posted by Kare:
any audiophiles here want to explain to me the diffences between the 3 audio choices you get?

The stereo option has just the left and right channels. Dolby Digital 5.1 is a full surround sound mix and requires a compatible surround sound home theatre set-up. DTS is the same surround mix but encoded with less data compression than the Dolby Digital tracks. In theory, it should sound better but this can also depend on how well both were mastered.
The new stereo mix is in Dolby Digital (that's probably what put that idea in your head Jaffaman). In theory it should sound virtually the same as the CD release, just with slightly higher fidelity (20-bit/48kHz vs. 16-bit/44kHz) and probably a little less compressed (dynamics).

Though it's probably hard to hear the difference between the two without a pretty nice system, DTS is a better surround format, at this point. It's 24-bit/96kHz, uses less dynamic compression (has louder louds and quieter quiet parts) and as Jaffaman said less data compression. For 6.1 mixes it has a discrete 6th channel for the rear center speaker, while DD's is matrixed from the L and R rears.
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Originally posted by slowpogo:
The new stereo mix is in Dolby Digital (that's probably what put that idea in your head Jaffaman). In theory it should sound virtually the same as the CD release, just with slightly higher fidelity (20-bit/48kHz vs. 16-bit/44kHz) and probably a little less compressed (dynamics).

Dolby Digital is a data-compressed format, whereas PCM audio CDs are not, so the CD has an advantage there.

Has this DVD really got a 96/24 DTS track? If so, I'd forgotten that too...
I'm not sure if this DVD is actually 24/96, but DTS supports it, is the point I was mainly making. Whereas DD's limit is 20/48. How many DVDs currently take advantage of 24/96 DTS is something I don't know.

Yeah, you're right about the CD having an advantage. I don't have the DVD yet but I'm guessing the new stereo mix will have been mastered with less compression than the CD, and sound a little more natural that way. Most rock CDs these days are mastered bearing in mind that they will be played a lot in cars, through ipod "bud" headphones, etc. where there's external noise and too many dynamics would make for a frustrating listening experience.
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Hurrah, Hurrah, Hurrah! Have just been into town and bought my copy of FTTW. Big Grin Big Grin

Got it in Music Zone but had a look to see how it was being displayed in HMV and Virgin. It's there allright if you are actually looking for Crowded House or happen to be in the C section but I was disappointed it wasn't on the lane ends or in the new release section. Not enough of a drum roll behind this methinks .... is this down to the record company Confused

Anyway I'm going to settle down with my sat night nibbles and watch the whole damn thing. Catch you all later.
Went to sleep at about 3.30 am on sat night after watching the full concert, docs and then the concert again with commentary.

Loved it, loved it, loved it Big Grin Big Grin

I always loved the concert but the addition of the rest of the song list plus the in between tune ups etc makes it a much more whole experience. As always, shed a tear at the end even more poignant knowing Hessie is not here to bask in the success of this release.
Hi all. I am not a techno genius by any means, so could someone who is give me a hand? I (of course) have this fantsatic DVD, and enjoyed the concert and commentary very much. However, when i went to play the second disc, it said that the disc could not be read, or something to that effect. Frowner. We use a playstation 2 as a DVD player, might that have something to do with it? But if so, why did the first disc play, and the second not?? Most perplexing. And disappointing. The same thing happened when i tried to watch the bonus Imaginary Kingdom DVD. Anyone who knows more about this than me (not hard Wink)? Cheers.
Sounds like a problem with your PS2 Kari... my pc DVD drive (which I have since replace with an external one!) refuses to play all DVDs bar "Dreaming - The Videos"... doesn't even know that they're there! I put it down to old age... but it's probably just tempremental! [Sometimes I can get 7WC to work though... ]
Originally posted by Alx:
Sounds like a problem with your PS2 Kari... my pc DVD drive (which I have since replace with an external one!) refuses to play all DVDs bar "Dreaming - The Videos"... doesn't even know that they're there! I put it down to old age... but it's probably just tempremental! [Sometimes I can get 7WC to work though... ]

Reminds me of the trouble and grief I had with my old DVD player. Roll Eyes Frowner
Is that the only DVD *ever* that hasn't played in your PS2 Kari? Everyone I know with a PS2 has had a lot of problems using it as a DVD player.

I don't mean to sound rude, but most people seem to get fed up with the PS2 sooner or later and just get a cheap DVD player. Maybe it's different in Australia, but they're super cheap these days, in case you don't keep up with these things. I see several basic Philips ones on ebay for US$25 (which is what I paid for the FTTW DVD itself--cheap!).

I hate it when people tell me to "just buy" something but I honestly think in this case it's good long-term advice. Especially if it will enable you to enjoy Finn material Wink
Yeah, i got your PM, thanks N.F.Addict. Smiler.

Slowpogo, my DVD from Tim's Imaginary Kingdom wouldnt play on it either, exactly the same thing came up. But that worked on the computer, so i may have to try that. Still, it would be better on the TV. Shall have to see what i can manage with my technological ineptitude about fixing this, otherwise i suppose i'll have to look into getting a proper DVD player. Have to wait til after Xmas though, it would be a bit sus to tell Mum this one doesnt work and then not be able to tell her how i know (i'm giving her a copy of FTTW for Xmas Wink). Still, at least the concert plays. Bit more important to have that on the good sound system etc.

Thanks for the advise everyone. Much appretiated. Big Grin.
Oh NO! I've had this as a pre-order on CD Universe for a month now, and suddenly, today, the alleged release date, it's on backorder. Went to, similarly the special edition is listed as out of stock. The HK spec edition on is now a "special order" which says it will ship in 4-6 weeks?

I've just ordered the regular edition from, which seems to be all you can get right now, we'll see if the CD Universe one shows up before Christmas.

Those of you with preorders may want to check out your orders . . .

*grumble grumble grumble*

I got my delivered on Friday. 10 years to the day of the actual concert, so that was pretty cool.

I haven't seen it mentioned in this topic, and I know that usually photo galleries on DVD are boring 'Push the next button' affairs, but you should really have a look at this one. It's the first DVD photo gallery I've looked at right through...Twice!!
Reason: It basically an automatic slide show with 2 different audio tracks running underneath. Instinct (Demo) and Italian Plastic (Demo) (as far as I can remember). Well worth having a listen too and a bit of a bonus.
I'm wondering if this is a teaser for the boxed set Neil talks about in the commentary where he mentions a demo of "Don't Dream It's Over". Maybe it's going to be like the Split Enz boxed set with the 4/5 albums and a rare disc. Could this be Afterglow 2??!!
My copy of the DVD arrived today. I hope the wait isn't too much longer for the rest of you who ordered from HMV (Amazon) dot CA. I get a lump in my throat evertime I watch this show. It would definitely have been my "desert island concert" if such a thing were possible.
The documentary section is very good. I can't help but get the impression that Nick still holds some resentment over the timing of the end of the band, although he and Neil remain friends.
Picked my NTSC copy up from HMV in town today--I'm lucky I was able to track a copy down...I had to really phone around --no one was stocking it...incredible! Mad

Anyone who ordered the dvd or cd from an American source--should know that they will not be able to ship it until the official American release not today. In Canada it's available today--so yay to all those who have ordered from a Canadian source.

Have watched the second disc tonight--the version of Instinct -- an unreleased demo--just fabulous, quite different from the released version. Smiler
Feh. Looked into ordering from, and it tells me if I order it today, it won't arrive till after Dec. 25th. Might as well keep my original order with CD Universe. Oh well. I'll see it eventually.

How did you find out about American sources not being able to ship Canadian imports till after the American release date? I've never heard of that sort of thing before. An import is usually an import is usually an import. Wink
Originally posted by Semi-Detached:
The special edition: take away the cardboard slipcase, and it's exactly the same as the regular edition, right? I'm just wondering if I really want to spend $7 more online just for a piece of cardboard!

The only difference I can find at least in Oz anyway between the two, unless the pic is avalible inside the regular edition cover is this inside the cardboard cover. Smiler Other than that, the DVD case-cover looks the same to me.
I ordered my copy through Amazon.UK and had it delivered to the states via Express Shipping. It only took 3 days to get there (weekend in between).
I was over excited when I walked into my Hotel room to see both packages with the FTTW CD and DVD!!! Amazing indeed!
The Bonus material on the DVD is well worth any price and I agree that the people responsible for the production deserve a special recognition. The production and editing is very professional and the backround music fits well.
Believe it or not I havent been able to get to the actual concert yet; I want sit down turn the volume wayyyy up and blow my speakers to oblivion for that show!
Hi guys, been a while since I've logged on (Too lazy to re register for ages!), but seeing the DVD & CDs in the shop today prompted me!
It blew the budget but I had to buy both immediately (Bless the overtime this week!), stoked to finally have the concert on the DVD, full set with yummy extras. About to go to bed and enjoy the docus first.
Been listening to the CD in the car and loving it, it will be there for a while I think...:-)

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