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Well I've just purchased a new copy of the Farewell CD on eBay. I'm sooo excited. Have to wait for it to be shipped from UK to OZ but I don't mind.

Will let you guys know my thoughts when I listen to it.

Will be so happy to finally hear the entire concert.

My VHS copy is slowly dying. My MP3s of the concert aren't of great quality.

Finally. the real thing.
Originally posted by robbie:
Well the DVD is 0 Region, (plays on any player)

Hmmm. Could just be boilerplate on their part (that they didn't check their facts) but both amazon UK and are claiming this title is a region 2 release in the UK. Which says nothing to the potential problems some (but not all) North American consumers may have with the PAL feed off a disc from overseas.
I know there are advance copies of the CD floating around on ebay and other places...has anyone here actually heard it yet?

I'm so curious what the mixing approach will be. I hope it's along the lines of "7 Worlds Collide" -- a very true-to-the-experience, "you are there" sound, but properly mixed so that all the parts are heard clearly and the best qualities are nudged out a bit, without glossing over the reality of it.

I'm anticipating that the ending solo on "Fingers Of Love" will sound mind-blowing..... Smiler
November 24 1996 happened to be my 30th birthday (okay i'm revealing my "seniority"; i was 19 when i first heard the opening guitar of DDIO)... I had a friend living in Sydney and he was at the event. I was stuck in Toronto playing "When You Come" at an open mic night... mumbling about "the other side of the world" and "i think it's summer there now" etc.

well - do the math and you'll see i've got another big bday coming up. I couldn't ask for a better present. Thanks for the previews robbie et al.
Originally posted by robbie:
Disc 2
Picture 16:9
Sound original Stereo Mix
Dolby Digital Stereo
DTS 5.1

Now that's interesting! 16:9 Widescreen!
I thought that the original footage was shot in 4:3 aspect? Can't wait to see this on a large screen plasma.
Great sound options on the disc too.

How does the video transfer look?

This DVD sounds like a No.1 seller this Christmas Wink
but both amazon UK and are claiming this title is a region 2 release in the UK.

It seems standard for online DVD retailers to asy everything is in the region they are in. Sendit universally says everything is region 2, even though most titles they sell are region 2 and 4 or 0.

People in the US should rememebr that although FTTW is region 0, it is still a PAL disc, not NTSC.
Still don't think it was one of their best performances, as usual Neil was being good for the cameras, and Mr Control of himself, which annoyed me performance wise with the Enz Reunion shows as well, when they were being filmed.
The sponteneity wasn't there, which was part of the Crowdies make-up. That hit me watching it live for the very first time and since. You just want him to break out, give it the Crowdies all, not just play really really well.

Okay I'm greedy, I want the whole essencse of the Crowdies, not just great music.

Hope you get what I mean.

That's why it'll be good when its out on DVD but its not the ultimate best of the Crowdie's performance live ever.

But as usual take what we can get, and be very thankful for it. Good seeing the whole thing in its entirety.

Glad others here have similar opinions reading through so not all alone here in my thoughts.
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I think much of CH's spontaneity came from touring often, where it's just one show after the other, and there's a feeling of, "If this doesn't work, there's always tomorrow night..." I've played on tours with various groups, and it's a completely different mindset from a single performance with lots of build-up.

FTTW had the added gravitas of being the last show ever, and one of the first they'd played together (with Paul) in over a year. So I'm sure a feeling of "Let's do this right" prevailed given the circumstances. Which IMO is totally appropriate--if it were me I'd rather give a solid, tried and true final show, than risk something falling flat on its face and being committed to tape forever.

So yeah, it wasn't as off-the-cuff as other shows we've heard, but given the entire context of things, I think it's great. I like a handful of other shows better as a whole, but many songs in FTTW stick out as being as good as they were ever performed (I've never heard them rock as hard as during Mark's ending solo on Fingers Of Love).
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People in the US should rememebr that although FTTW is region 0, it is still a PAL disc, not NTSC.

As I mentioned, that will be troublesome for some but not all US consumers. Most players now sold in US are capable of dealing with either a PAL or NTSC feed. But unless mods have been done, most players are region locked.

And I'd tend to agree that all other things being equal, were I to be offered the opportunity to own a proshot of say, Newcastle 92 v. Farewell To The World, I'd probably go with Newcastle. FTTW is a thing onto itself, a piece of spectacle the band deserved to experience and that deserved to be documented but the similarity between it and any other CH show ends with the fact that both involved all the band members and took place on a stage.

A poor musical but good cinematic analogy might be Scorcese's Last Waltz. Great document, but does it have much to do with that thing that The Band was on any given night on the road? No. Not meant to be. So for those of us who would like to be reminded of why CH once won a Brit Award for best live act, FTTW won't do it. But I'm glad to have it.
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Originally posted by together_alone:
People in the US should rememebr that although FTTW is region 0, it is still a PAL disc, not NTSC.

As I mentioned, that will be troublesome for some but not all US consumers. Most players now sold in US are capable of dealing with either a PAL or NTSC feed. But unless mods have been done, most players are region locked.

The Canadian release next month, as well as the eventual U.S. release in 2007, will be NTSC (and region 0 or 1) so it should not be an issue unless someone goes out of their way to import an overseas version that's PAL.
Originally posted by theworldwhereyoulive:
I don't think anyone has posted this already but:

Has anyone been to the site recently? They have a small clip of Mean To Me that come on when you load the page. Very cool.You should check it out!

And they cave a counter as to how long till the dvd comes out!

That's a great teaser on the site. There's is no way I'm going to be able to hold out until the American release.

Why is it, again, that the US is scheduled to be a couple of months behind the rest of the world?

The CD Tracks:

Disc: 1
1. Mean To Me
2. World Where You Live
3. When You Come
4. Private Universe
5. Four Seasons In One Day
6. Fall At Your Feet
7. Whispers and Moans
8. Hole In The River
9. Better Be Home Soon
10. Pineapple Head
11. Distant Sun
12. Into Temptation
13. Everything Is Good For You

Disc: 2
1. Locked Out
2. Something So Strong
3. Sister Madly
4. Italian Plastic
5. Weather With You
6. It's Only Natural
7. There Goes God
8. Fingers Of Love
9. In My Command
10. Throw Your Arms Around Me
11. Don't Dream It's Over
The DVD :

1. Mean To Me
2. World Where You Live
3. When You Come
4. Private Universe
5. Four Seasons In One Day
6. Fall At Your Feet
7. Whispers & Moans
8. Hole In The River
9. Better Be Home Soon
10. Pineapple Head
11. Distant Sun
12. Into Temptation
13. Everything Is Good For You
14. Locked Out
15. Something So Strong
16. Sister Madly
17. Italian Plastic
18. Weather With You
19. It's Only Natural
20. There Goes God
21. Fingers Of Love
22. In My Command
23. Throw Your Arms Around Me
24. Don't Dream It's Over
25. End Credits - Farewell To The World Concert
26. Planning The Event Documentary
27. Day They Brought The House Down Documentary
28. Channel 7 Witness
29. Italian Plastic (Photo Gallery Plus Audio)
30. Instinct (Photo Gallery Plus Audio)
31. End Credits - Farewell To The World DVD
Just got my ebay'd promo CD. It's strange. I keep thinking, "This is not how the official CD will sound."

Is it possible that the FTTW promo CDs were sent out with an early version of the mix, or a "quick and dirty" mastering job? I don't know how these things usually your typical CD completely mixed and mastered in its final form, months before it's released?

It just doesn't sound finished. In my car, I can just *barely* hear the guitar solos--Paul's drums overwhelm everything. Neil's acoustic, usually so punchy and up-front in their live shows, sounds thin and very much in the background. It was the same story later when I played the CD on my dad's audiophile-grade stereo system. I felt a sinking disappointment in my stomach, and honestly just didn't really enjoy listening to it. The little teaser clip at the website sounds far more balanced and truthful.

In comparison I popped in "7 Worlds Collide," and Wilco's live album "Kicking Television." They make the FTTW CD sound (sonically) amateurish and very, very "safe," sonically airbrushed. Even with its mono, lo-fi sound I actually prefer my bootleg at this point--at least you can hear everything.

Anyone else with an early copy have any idea what I'm talking about? :P Confused
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I don't think so, it's got a booklet with the official artwork on glossy paper (but nothing inside--a "two pager"), the CDs are printed with artwork, and there are credits for the artwork and EMI legal stuff on the back. It doesn't sound like a bootleg, it sounds like it was mixed in a studio...just not in a way that sounds at all like any of the many commercial live albums I own.
No, thats how the album sounds.
I have the CD and DVD.
Its the new mix by Tchad Blake. I quite like it myself. Bass is more punchy, drums are crisp.

You have to remember this gig was not recorded with a commercial release really in mind.

Not to mention this is an outdoor concert.

Seven Worlds Will Collide sounds better mostly because of technology improvements, and because it was intended for dvd and cd.

And it doesnt sound different to the dvd at all. Both mixes are the same. the 5.1 DTS track is the same just mixed with 5 speakers in mind.

Listen to the Hole in the River. How can you say the album sounds terrible.
Actually, the only thing I can think that will be different in the retail version will be the booklet. Its the Farewell to the World concert. Its the 10th anniversary, and the promo album doesn't mention where its recorded or anything.

The last 2 Crowded House releases have had quite interesting written information. Like Spike Milligan's in Recurring Dream.

So I hope they put something in the booklet.
The DVD was pretty empty in regards to that information too.
What I was talking about has nothing to do with the level of technology used to record FTTW, or that it's an outdoor venue. The fidelity is awesome. It sounds like it could have been recorded yesterday. It was actually recorded to multi-track tape...they did in fact intend to preserve it for prosperity's sake. They had the raw material for broadcast, VHS, CD, DVD, or whatever....

The mixing approach is what I'm having issues with. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, so I won't say too much--judge for yourself, you'll probably love it. I just can't hear anything very well besides the drums and vocals. Mark's lap steel sounds like it's coming from the backstage bathroom--very different from the audience bootleg.

Somehow in their efforts to "crispen" things up and give them more "punch," as you say, they lost a significant amount of raw live energy. It is quite airbrushed compared to what the audience heard that day. The CD sounds better sonically, but my bootleg is simply more fun to listen to, out of tune backup vocals and all.

I'll stop now. YES, I'm glad it was released, and I'll probably listen to it 50 times and grow to like it.

To those who haven't heard it yet, don't listen to me, I probably don't know what I'm talking about. :P
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Well you'll be happy with the DVD as you can listen to the original mix of the concert as well. Then you can compare, properly.

And trust me, in flicking back and forth both mixes. The new mix is superior.

It does sound different. And I agree, things like Marks lapsteel in When You Come is pushed back in the mix, whereas in the original mix it wasn't. But then you listen to Private Universe and the lapsteel solo has this space added to it, and it sounds amazing. The original mix didnt. You can finally hear the echo on Neils voice in Fingers of Love that you could never on the original. Or Marks piano in Fall At Your Feet.

Everything is good for you is superb. Best version of it ever, hands down. Much better than the studio version and the original fttw mix.

I've been listening to the new cd for about 2wks now. And I love it. I knew the original mix so well that the changes were a surprise.
The bass has so much clarity now. The drums are brighter. Overall I love the guitar sounds. Neils acoustic sounds very crisp, not a particularly polished sound, just raw. Close to how it would've sounded on the night (i believe).

I think you're judging the recording too harsh. You're probably so used to the original bootleg that hearing it in the new mix sounds a little wrong. And I agree, cause I thought that for a little while.

I actually think this new mix is a closer representation to the concert than the original mix. It sounds more live than the original mix. Maybe wait till you see the DVD and listen to the new mix and original. Then go back and listen to the same mix on CD, I think you'll come around.

Oh and just a couple more tips. I have listened to the album with a surround effect on a CD player, and it immediately sounded strange. Make sure those kind of effects aren't on. And I know this sounds rather young of me. But play this album- LOUD. Makes a huge difference.
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Paul's drums (the toms and snares) tended to have a good amount of compression on them live, so that they sounded "fat" rather than "punchy". This was especially true at FTTW--on the original recording or bootleg, his drums on "Fingers Of Love" for example, were just massive.

Now they sound more like they would if you were standing next to him. Closer to "reality," but far different from what was being pumped through the PA system for 150,000 to hear.

This approach really benefits some songs. "Pineapple Head" sound great I think, and I agree about "Everything Is Good For You." But others, like "Whispers and Moans," reeeally lack the energy they had previously for me.

You're right though, I'm sure I'll come around. Once I have the DVD and can match a picture to the sounds I'm hearing, it will probably make a lot more sense.
Originally posted by Alx:
Well, I just pre-ordered both from Amazon for a grand total of £21.88... I'm thinking the DVD will be that price alone in the shops - and the cd is only £8.99 on there...

Pretty pleased with that Smiler
And sooo excited!

I got both for pretty much the same price after a very small voucher deduction & free worldwide shipping ! I went through CD-wow as Amazon don't offer free shipping worldwide. I'll have to allow at least 7 to 10 days for final delivery ...arrrghhh!...counting down the days....


The copy you bought off ebay was probably from a very naughty radio person who got a pre-release copy from Parlaphone and then sold it. A common practice. From what you're describing of the sound quality, I wonder if you have a 5.1 mix. This would account for everything else seeming distant and far away except the drums and vocals (these being in the centre channels. Try it on a sourround system and see what happens.
I think you're probably right, Duderanch. On my copy (in a normal CD player), when the audience roar fades in at the beginning, there's a weird sort of quiet synthetic chirping mixed in with the clapping and screams--probably from things being out of phase somehow when mixed into two speakers. I'm surprised I didn't think of that before...with headphones on, I remember thinking the audience sounded like it was behind me somehow, weirdly separate from everything else.

Unfortunately I don't have a full surround system (yet Wink) so I can't tell for sure. But I have a feeling maybe I wasn't just bellyaching after all...thanks for the suggestion!

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