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Hi Billy, I think the thread which NFADDICT is refering to can be found here

Now get yourselves back on topic Wink Big Grin

It all sounds very exciting from duderanch... I'm hoping we get as much release in the UK as is being said here - I'm assuming you're talking about the Australian releases duderanch?? Please can we have the same everywhere else? Pleeeeeeassse! Big Grin
I think this whole thing is just INCREDIBLE. I've waited 10 years, wishing that someday someone would be bold enough to release the FAREWELL CONCERT in full glory. Now is the time!
I'm really excited and am very anxious to see the Artwork for both the DVD and CD releases.
I've been stalking the site almost everyday hoping to get a first glimpse of a new Crowded House release.
This is by far the most exciting FINN related news in a loooooong time!
All the effort and all the energy put into this DVD will be praised endlessly!
CD 1:
Mean to Me
World Where You Live
When You Come
Private Universe
Four Seasons In One Day
Fall At Your Feet
Whispers and Moans
Hole In the River
Better Be Home Soon
Pineapple Head
Distant Sun
Into Temptation
Everything Is Good For You
CD 2:
Locked Out
Something So Strong
Sister Madly
Italian Plastic
Weather With You
It's Only Natural
There Goes God
Fingers of Love
In My Command
Throw Your Arms Around Me
Don't Dream It's Over
Im very lucky to get a copy of both the dvd and cd and cant wait to see it! the dvd disc 1 looks as though it has the full gig with the five unseen songs plus audion comentary from Neil,Nick and Mark Hart!
Disc 2
20 min Doc 'Planning the event'
13 min post break up interview and feature for channel 7.
Brand new Doc feat interviews with Neil,Nick and those involved in putting together the concert Photo Gallery,plus full discography
Disc 1 125 mins
Disc 2 58 mins
Picture 16:9
Sound original Stereo Mix
Dolby Digital Stereo
DTS 5.1

Cant wait to get home and play it yipee!!
Robbie, I hope your not joking.
I hate to say it but you are my Idol as if today.
How did you manage to get both th CD and the DVD almost 2 months ahead of time?
Is there any way they will be released before the scheduled dates?
You must either be very close to someone important at EMI or related to the FINNs. In any case you MUST get down to business, watch the DVD, listen to the CD and then get back to the and write a full review of everything.
For those of us who have to wait till late November, you are our only hope!
Okay Guys have just played the New Live CD sounding fab!
The DVD managed to play disc one listned the some of the commentary!
A guy called Laurie Zion is The Moderator
In Aukland is Neil and Nick with Miller and Lorraine the two dogs (Lorraine being Pauls dog)
On the Phone from Los Angeles is Mark Hart
Well it starts with Neil saying "Hey were here"
Nick "Neil you run like a girl"
mentions Paul always having a comfy chair!
Heres a biggie Neil mentions during Dont dream its over that the Demo of that song will be coming out on a box set next year!!)
also goes on to say that when the band left the stage some guy had managed to evade security and snuck into the dressing room!

its getting very am! here in England so im off to bed, will be looking at disc 2 later! hope this is okay for the moment
Originally posted by robbie:
Okay Guys have just played the New Live CD sounding fab!
The DVD managed to play disc one listned the some of the commentary!

its getting very am! here in England so im off to bed, will be looking at disc 2 later! hope this is okay for the moment

Grrrr! How did you manage to get your hands on it before time! Red Face I'm jealous!!! Razzer
I dont want to spoil anything so if you dont want any spoilers look away this might be in your Christmas stocking!!!!

Okay Guys here goes.. sorry for any spelling
Disc 2
Doc1 "The Day they brought the house down"
They have David Hepworth (A UK music journalist always a big fan of the band) says something great about "Crowded House were a band you wanted to run off with like the circus"
alson you have Lawrie Zion, Michael Chugg,Peter Green(our god)Neil ,Nick (they talk about the split up)theres a lot of back stage shots.
Peter mentions that when a band splits up the community of fans drift off where as with the Crowdies we have doubled!!!it shows our love of the band!
Doc2 "Planning the Event" This is the one we have on the VHS tapes not sure if there is any added stuff? Paul is really funny at the press conference!!
Doc3 Channel 7 Witness
This has Neil playing "Private Universe" under a huge tree on a black arm chair, then in the studio playing an e-bow(guitar vibrator)
Nick is sketching away(maybe at his house)
Paul is in his studio explaining what he wants out of life talking about the band,Neil playing an Octogon singing "not the girl" then on the piano!
Theres a clip of fans watching a soundcheck at a Melbourne Pub.
The band talk about whether they are dorks!!!
some fab video of Paul with his dogs and his car.
Credits: has all the names of the people who helped with the track"Spirit of the Stairs" This sounds different to the Neil version maybe it could of been a demo?
Photo Gallery
Photos with a choice of demos of
Instinct or Italian Plastic(sounding very different)(different beat)

I just want to say who ever put this DVD together deserves a big pat on the back Thank you.

On a personal note I kinda hated Crowded House getting sucessful they were my band no one elses! a real best kept secret but there you go!
do you guys know what I mean?

On a last note i just want to say on the channel 7 witness Doc there is Paul in slow motion playing drums to Dont Dream its over at the end of the gig and you can see Tears rolling down his face, this is really heartbreaking guys I had a tear to!

"Dont Dream Its over"
Spoilers don't bother me here... so I read it!

Thanks robbie - just makes me want it all the more... and Spirit of the Stairs... ahh ahhh ahhh ... cue wild screaming!!

Sounds amazing! I really can't wait...

Is the Channel 7 part from around the time of the concert then? Yeah, I think from what you said it is, right?
Originally posted by robbie: Yes the Witness Doc is around the time of the split up, some cool Neil stuff there.

I'm pretty sure I've seen this. Neil strumming his guitar under the tree, gorgeous shots of Lester, Neil in his house, contemplative Paul in his studio and car, Nick at home, fans getting into soundcheck...the list goes on.

And as for those different angle shots of Paul in FTTW....oh dear, get the tissues ready. I know I definitely needed them. Frowner

I'm just so glad they included THIS entire story on the really is precious footage that deserves to be seen by as many fans as possible.

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