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16th August 2019:
The first Fangradio live audio steam will be broadcast on Saturday 17th August at about 11am, Sydney time. If you sing up to Mixlr (for free) and click Fangradio’s follow button, you’ll get an alert when Neil’s live on air. You can hear an archived test run from Friday on his Showreel.

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Plug posted:

Can we get this into an RSS feed so it becomes a podcast?  I imagine it will get a lot more subscribers that way. (Perhaps this is something Mixlr can do with its showreel?)

Happy to help with the technical details and/or rehosting it, if you need.

+1 to this suggestion. Neil’s site is made with Squarespace which has the tools for that built in, in fact.

Jaffaman posted:

Argh. That’s just theft, to be honest. Inevitable but sad.


Makes me think of an event held a couple of years ago by some engineers who worked on the last Queen album with Freddie Mercury - they played some demos and outtakes which have never been made public, and were only permitted to do so because it was an in person event and the audience had all been frisked beforehand, thus preventing any leaks. Great for people who were there (I imagine), sad for those who weren’t. The more people view everything on the internet as common property, the less there will be for us all to enjoy.

I didn't feel this was problematic - I don't think the poster who doing for any gain, just make the songs easy to hear rather than part of a 2 hour playlist.I don't have the technical ability to split out and listen and found it hard to drag a cursor along a play list to a start point if i wanted to hear it. Sorry if i caused any difficulty.

Anyone who has the mindset to attempt a 10-part comprehensive Enz radio documentary and a 14-disk major Crowded House reissue project must already be mad in my book!

But seriously, I'd hate to think these individual tracks making their way onto YT might prevent future Fangradio shows. The broadcasts are great to listen to in their entirety, including Neil's commentary.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not pretending I won't download the shows and extract a few of the tracks for my own personal archive. But it should really be up to Neil / Team NF as to what is made publicly available.

Extremely excited by the all but officially announced coming soon vinyl reissue of the 1st Finn Brother Album on Pepe Paphides's Needle Mythology label.


Based on the recent Stephen Duffy reissues on that label we can expect vinyl and a 2CD expanded edition. Yahooo ...sound like it's not far off. Also a reference by Neil inferring they would fill in the vinyl gaps for Try Whistling This and others that never saw a vinyl release originally (One All, Everyone Is Here). If I hear there are deluxe editions of those too I'll be ecstatic.


One more dream I'm willing the universe to deliver...get Jeremy's input and nice book style packing ala the Crowded House deluxe sets...too much to ask or expect , but I've had the odd dream come true...

Another really interesting episode.

Can anyone shed some light on some of the rare Finn-related songs played during the four hours of test broadcast and the actual broadcast?

What was the "You are not like Government" song? I think Neil referred to that as a ballad from Liam? It was followed by another of Liam's songs which my Shazam identified as Turn Up the Birds.

It seems those two Liam songs were released on the vinyl edition of I'll Be lightning (2007). In fact there were five bonus vinyl-only tracks on that release, none of which I have a copy of.

There was also supposedly a new Neil Finn & Mick Fleetwood song played. Was this removed from the showreel? I ask that as Neil mentioned during the broadcast that he probably shouldn't have been playing it.

Before that was a really nice song of Neil's I had never heard (or heard of) before called Given to Sadness. Anyone know what era this was supposed to have been recorded in?

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