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Neil did a fangradio today - from LA while sharon was cooking dinner in the background... he even read out my msg and played my request

i wrote that it was a lovely blue sky autumn day in sydney and that it was concerning what appears to be coming over the horizon in a few weeks with corona... i ended it with “love this life” and so he played love this life...

he spent some time talking about the concerns / fears of coronavirus and importance of music and community.

(my line dropped out before i heard much more or any musings on how the band is going.)

hang in there frenz its gonna get worse before it gets better

another fangradio friday...






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According to neilfinn

Songs sung by Neil with acoustic guitar on Wednesday 18th March 2020 included:
Don’t Dream It’s Over
Better Be Home Soon
Love This Life
Distant Sun
Rest of the Day Off
Something So Strong (original demo arrangement)
Catch The Wind

... I also missed the broadcast, so hope someone recorded it because Neil might choose not to archive these short events


It's great he's doing this,  however, working at home and taking care of kids had made me miss this twice even though I was aware of it. Neil's music is huge bright spot for me and I would really appreciate it if we were able to view the shows when we are able. I hope he would archive these. It would mean a lot to the fans that couldn't see it.

In2FINN2 posted:

FANGRADIO IS ON NOW !!! and the whole family joining in: Sharon, Liam, Elroy oooh the joy of harmonies on

Weather with you

Driving me mad

Fire in your belly

WENDY MELVOIN joins tha chat requesting Fall at your feet !!

Message to my girl

Fall at your feet

Pineapple head

Energy spent

Don't dream it's over 

I requested Message To My Girl on Twitter, but then missed it! Did anyone record it?

Neil solo today ... in truly glorious sound quality:

Gentle hum - guitar version !

Wherever you are

Four seasons in one day

Locked out

Spicks and Specks [Bee Gees] , well part of ... as well as snippets of Tom Jones' back catalogue

Won't give in [Finn Brothers]

new song - faded out ... and Neil concluded next broadcast same time tomorrow  .. that's four in a row



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