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As a collector of acoustic versions of Crowded House songs this is kind of a dream come true. Really enjoyed the first album run through this morning. I think he should have played "Can't Carry On" though he probably hasn't played it since 1994. Just to be complete about it and because it's one of the least played Crowded House songs.

Funny that Neil didn't seem to realize that the lyrics to "That's What I Call Love" were changed for the studio version from "brothers kissing brothers/sisters kissing sisters" to "feeling devastated" and such. I guess he doesn't go back and listen to the studio album very often. Certainly they sang the "brothers kissing brothers" line every single time they performed it live. Also, I felt like this was the closest I've ever heard Neil (or anyone in Crowded House) come to saying that Paul Hester was maybe a bit bisexual and that this song in particular was (in its original form) a statement about homosexual love.

I should emphasize that Neil was still not overt on this point. But it is something that's been hinted at throughout Crowded House literature. Honestly, because it's never been directly addressed, I never knew what to make of the references. I've never actually cared about the sexuality of my favorite artists, other than not wanting them to feel like they have to hide a part of themselves.

Another interesting observation: This is the first time I've ever heard that "Tombstone" is about a place (apparently named "Tombstone") and not just a metaphor. Neil mentions his friend Evan English telling him to "go to Tombstone and learn about what happened there." Fascinating stuff! Is the song about Tombstone, Arizona or somewhere else?

I guess these are the kind of intriguing nuggets we will get from Neil playing through every CH albums.

One last thought - you gotta get Tim in for the Woodface performances! Everything else can just be Neil. But Tim should really be there for Woodface!

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Jaffaman/Jeremy - any chance of getting chapters in the podcast version? Just for fun I added them to a local copy of yesterday's show and it is kind of nice to have, if you want to go back and listen to something... (e.g.

Have thought about it. From what I've read, chapter markers don't work on all podcast platforms. That puts me off putting the extra time in to mark chapters in addition to downloading, editing, exporting, listing and uploading. Maybe that info's a year or two out of date though?

Anyway, I like the idea of listeners tuning in from beginning to end, or scrolling forward and landing on something they didn't expect.

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24th October 2020 (NZ time)
Neil Finn, live from home in Auckland, New Zealand
live songs on acoustic guitar .. Liam assisting with the tech.

Mr Pye - radio play excerpt featuring Sam Neil and Tim Finn
Fangradio theme
Into The Sunset
To The Island (demo of new Crowded House song) - partial only
Revolution [The Beatles]
Late In Rome (aka Serge)
Recurring Dream
She Goes On

Neil had things in mind but the tech buttons didn't always co-operate ... never mind ... he pulled out one heck of a broadcast ! .. and will be back tomorrow same time (10 am NZ time) - actually Neil mentioned "this week", so we might be in for another FANGRADIO broadcasts sequence ... details on

Neil's hoping to have 1.000 attending the broadcasts ...  what's keeping you ?

Catching up on some Fangradio, I was WAY behind, and I noticed this one isn't archived. No mention by anyone that I can see about the demo of a new CH song, To The Island! Can anyone who heard it share any thoughts, very curious as to the sound!

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