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As a collector of acoustic versions of Crowded House songs this is kind of a dream come true. Really enjoyed the first album run through this morning. I think he should have played "Can't Carry On" though he probably hasn't played it since 1994. Just to be complete about it and because it's one of the least played Crowded House songs.

Funny that Neil didn't seem to realize that the lyrics to "That's What I Call Love" were changed for the studio version from "brothers kissing brothers/sisters kissing sisters" to "feeling devastated" and such. I guess he doesn't go back and listen to the studio album very often. Certainly they sang the "brothers kissing brothers" line every single time they performed it live. Also, I felt like this was the closest I've ever heard Neil (or anyone in Crowded House) come to saying that Paul Hester was maybe a bit bisexual and that this song in particular was (in its original form) a statement about homosexual love.

I should emphasize that Neil was still not overt on this point. But it is something that's been hinted at throughout Crowded House literature. Honestly, because it's never been directly addressed, I never knew what to make of the references. I've never actually cared about the sexuality of my favorite artists, other than not wanting them to feel like they have to hide a part of themselves.

Another interesting observation: This is the first time I've ever heard that "Tombstone" is about a place (apparently named "Tombstone") and not just a metaphor. Neil mentions his friend Evan English telling him to "go to Tombstone and learn about what happened there." Fascinating stuff! Is the song about Tombstone, Arizona or somewhere else?

I guess these are the kind of intriguing nuggets we will get from Neil playing through every CH albums.

One last thought - you gotta get Tim in for the Woodface performances! Everything else can just be Neil. But Tim should really be there for Woodface!

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Jaffaman/Jeremy - any chance of getting chapters in the podcast version? Just for fun I added them to a local copy of yesterday's show and it is kind of nice to have, if you want to go back and listen to something... (e.g.

Have thought about it. From what I've read, chapter markers don't work on all podcast platforms. That puts me off putting the extra time in to mark chapters in addition to downloading, editing, exporting, listing and uploading. Maybe that info's a year or two out of date though?

Anyway, I like the idea of listeners tuning in from beginning to end, or scrolling forward and landing on something they didn't expect.

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24th October 2020 (NZ time)
Neil Finn, live from home in Auckland, New Zealand
live songs on acoustic guitar .. Liam assisting with the tech.

Mr Pye - radio play excerpt featuring Sam Neil and Tim Finn
Fangradio theme
Into The Sunset
To The Island (demo of new Crowded House song) - partial only
Revolution [The Beatles]
Late In Rome (aka Serge)
Recurring Dream
She Goes On

Neil had things in mind but the tech buttons didn't always co-operate ... never mind ... he pulled out one heck of a broadcast ! .. and will be back tomorrow same time (10 am NZ time) - actually Neil mentioned "this week", so we might be in for another FANGRADIO broadcasts sequence ... details on

Neil's hoping to have 1.000 attending the broadcasts ...  what's keeping you ?

Catching up on some Fangradio, I was WAY behind, and I noticed this one isn't archived. No mention by anyone that I can see about the demo of a new CH song, To The Island! Can anyone who heard it share any thoughts, very curious as to the sound!

@In2FINN2 posted: "... This short newsletter is to alert you that I am going to present a one hour Christmas Fangradio Special on Mixlr this coming Thursday 10am NZ time, 8 am Aust AEDT. That’s Wednesday 1 pm PST, 4 pm EST, 9 PM GMT.  ... Neil" ... .. hope you'll join the Buzz ...

Admittedly I almost cried 🤩 Looking forward to it...

Lunch is Emotional 😁 This will be a fine prelude.

The Fangradio Christmas special was excellent. The live at home CH tracks were great, the taped greetings from everyone were charming, and Neil’s solo acoustic versions of CH songs worked really well, it sounds like he’s really intent on doing that properly in the early part of next year.

It was great hearing Twice if You’re Lucky, I’ve always had the impression Neil didn’t really like Intriguer, so it’s great to hear him revisiting tracks from it. His solo version of When You Come was nice as well, though I’d love to hear a CH live at home version of that - it’s probably the song I’m most interested to hear now the new CH approaches, as the previous live arrangements owed so much to Paul and Mark.

Many thanks to Neil and team for a terrific Christmas present.

... His solo version of When You Come was nice as well, though I’d love to hear a CH live at home version of that - it’s probably the song I’m most interested to hear now the new CH approaches, as the previous live arrangements owed so much to Paul and Mark.

Many thanks to Neil and team for a terrific Christmas present.

I'm also interested how the live version of When you come is going to sound too. Whether they are going to keep the lap steel, I'm curious. Credit to Mark - to play the lap steel on that song when it wasn't on the studio version and make it sound magical... that's really something.

To hear something different though, we got a see them play Nails in my feet (well I don't watch it at the moment, just listen to it. It's odd for me to see Mitchell in the mix!!) I thought one could hear a bit more keyboard. Not saying there was nothing wrong with that, it sounded great. Just interesting to heat the subtle contrast between these two keyboard players.

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Does anyone else feel like Neil has adjusted his singing style a bit with Crowded House 3.0? In a good way! I hear it especially with Nails in My Feet. I can’t quite define it but he sounds like he’s singing with greater support, producing a richer vocal tone that just reminds me of the old days. His singing has tended to feel “relaxed” in the last 10-15 years in a way I don’t like, kind of thin and flat or more like talking sometimes. Although to be fair Fleetwood Mac probably also nudged him toward a stronger style.

Its hard to judge the band’s live dynamic in these “live at home” versions but I’m curious what they’ll be like on stage. Especially with Mitchell in the mix, who is brilliant but not a seasoned stage performer, and just seems a little spotlight-averse.

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@c.houser posted:

It's been insightful to hear about his vocal training working with FM. That's only going to improve things I would think. The sincere way Neil discusses all these things reminds me that he puts his pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us. Although certainly one step ahead.

I’ve not heard this. Did Neil do “official” training with a vocal coach? By chance do you remember which episode he speaks about it?

I thought I heard it in the Christmas episode. He said that the ladies were having training and it was offered to him, and that Lindsey's songs are in upper register.

It could also have been from the audio interview posted as of late. So impressed at his humility and sometimes downright frank comments. But always respectful to those who offer same.

Or maybe it was from a dream. From time to time we get together in dreams and it feels like old friends.  Those are the Best!

I don't remember hearing that but it stands to reason - Lindsay's songs are very high, and Neil sang them very well on tour. Also in between the Ellen gig (his first with FM) and the iHeartRadio show a bit later, he sorted out his pronunciation of "never" in The Chain, which was good.

Neil's continued vocal strength over the last few years has been remarkable - even before FM, he clearly worked hard at improving his falsetto in the period leading up to Dizzy Heights, and it's clear as a bell these days (whereas it was previously very raspy... I quite liked it but I know he was self conscious about it, if memory serves it was in the FTTW commentary track he mentioned being aware that some people thought his falsetto wasn't very good). It's hard to imagine him attempting something like Divebomber, Chameleon Days, or Terrorize Me without all that work on his falsetto.

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FANGRADIO's 'Crowded House - Album by Album' ... continues !!

You may remember the November 02nd 2020 FANGRADIO broadcast where Neil played the entire Crowded House debut album acoustically .. who doesn't ?!

Today the schedule for all of the other albums has been announced AND ... includes another Single Release Party ! ... as well as a second (different ?) run on the self-titled CROWDED HOUSE album ...

First coming up: TEMPLE OF LOW MEN  - Thursday 11 February 2021 at 11am (NZ time)

Full details on all of the broadcasts on fangradio and neilfinn websites .. looking forward to the Buzz in the Fangradio Hive ...

11th February 2021
CROWDED HOUSE - Album by Album
TEMPLE OF LOW MEN (all acoustic)

I Feel Possessed
Kill Eye
Into Temptation
Mansion in the Slums
When You Come    
interludium episode 1 - 'The Weeping Willow' 
Never Be the Same
Love This Life    
Sister Madly    
In the Lowlands    
Better Be Home Soon
The Weeping Willow song (improv - faded out)

Buddy and Neil kicked things into FANG gear and Liam, Elroy, Nick Seymour and Mitchell Froom all got on board ... we were off for quite a ride !

Neil had announced 'a comprehensive selection of the best tracks in my opinion' .. however .. the ENTIRE album was played !, interspersed with great stories about the making of, the times back then,  amazing background revealed, fun facts shared with tonight's record-breaking crowd attending in the FANGHive.  

Halfway Neil inserted an interludium about trees, episode 1 focussing on the Weeping Willow. This was Neil storytelling similar to Neil Finn's Cornucopia of Flowers .. providing plenty of time to flip the record from A-side to B-side ..
everything sounding suuuuperb ... yes, spot of buffering here and there but hey, .. records played and Loved have pops 'n clicks and the occasional scratch, so who could possibly have complained

The set concluded with a short improv about the Weeping Willow ... fading out ... till next week ... leaving everyone Buzzing

Had to jump off halfway through for a work meeting but I LOVED what I heard! Can’t wait to listen to the full show. The acoustic versions were wonderful. I will probably continue to enjoy these performances for the rest of my life. Having Mitchell and Nick there to contribute their memories of the recording process was wonderful too.

Can’t wait for the archive and next week’s show!

11th February 2021
CROWDED HOUSE - Album by Album
TEMPLE OF LOW MEN (all acoustic)

Jeremy has already archived yesterday's Fangradio broadcast on the FANGRADIO website TEMPLE OF LOW MEN (all acoustic) ... as well as multiple platforms for you to choose from .. Superb , Jeremy !

Wait, there's more ! ... VIDEO of the first track I Feel Possessed (Live on Fangradio, 2021) ...

ooohw yes, we DO feel possessed ... "Once bitten, ... forever FANGED"

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my goodness, never be the same is beautiful stripped back to bare essentials ... highlight of the broadcast for me ... they could consider re-recording / recasting it it, it sounds so different yet so familiar - surprised neil didnt wheel it out in his solo days but maybe he's only newly discovered it again ... love this life is a deep cut gem of a song, always been a fave of mine ... have enjoyed it popping up more regularly in CH2.0 and neil solo apperances over the past decade ...

my only criticism of this fangradio performance was neil predominantly at the piano ... IMHO in the crowdies he MUST be on guitar predominantly to lead from the front ... but yes this was a from-home session and it all sounded delicious ... we are spoilt, and perhaps know our own tastes and preferences of the man a little too well...

The TOLM show was fun. I’d actually prefer more commentary & anecdotes about the production etc. for the future album run-throughs, most of these songs were played without much direct comment.

Nice to hear Neil hit the high notes confidently in When You Come. Loved his exchange with Elroy, “I’m the member and you’re the sperm” lol

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