Sophie-sorry I don't have a fanclub payment under that name, maybe just email me the paypal details, Are you sure you don't mean you paid for Dizzy Heights via Neil's website??? If so thats not the club presale I'm afraid.. just email me the details ( If it was membership you would of had contact details with myself.

I can look up your paid membership number if need be.. my email (

alkady, do them seem different for everyone, and could you share yours if you've used it?


gryphon hinted in email yesterday he thought today's presale was for CD purchasers, and the fanclub on the 27th - but I didn't see any place you could buy a CD in advance for a code.

Originally Posted by distantsuns:

Yes, todays presale is for people who preordered the new cd.

So why do I have the option to buy the CD on the ticket page?


I managed to get Tom Petty fanclub tickets by paying to join the fanclub in the ticket transaction once: this looks like similar.  It's pointless selling me a second CD if I had to buy a first one to get the pasword.

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