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No decent seats for me either. But I've got row 2 for Brussels and I'm very happy that Cologne is standing. I urge everyone to come to the Cologne show. GLORIA is our best venue. And you can do Amsterdam and Brussels on your way home. ;-)


Now I would really love to get good tickets for London and Cambridge, but I've got to attend to the fact that I have a ticket for TONIGHT but no flight to London yet... oh oh, last minute extravaganza...

Funny thing is, I'd just wanted to buy an extra pair of ticket for the Amsterdam show. Now I got the message the pre-sale has ended... 


So no separate fanclub pre-sale for today. Yesterday it was the password protected sale for album-buyers; today is supposed to be a fanclub pre-sale without password and tomorrow the local promotor has an "exclusive pre-sale" for people that bought tickets for Crowded House on an earlier occasion.

Makes me curious where you will end up if you are unknown of all this bs and politely log onto the ticketmaster website on Friday morning to be "an early buyer". Must give new frustrations and disappointment by less fanatic fans...

If karma really is a force of nature, I would't want to be a promoter! :-D

I'm also in Row W and frankly I'm annoyed. I was trying yesterday to buy tickets but when I sought confirmation that there was no password I was told to wait for today - it was only in desperation that I tried my membership number and it worked, so don't know if it was blind luck or whether anything typed in (rather than left blank) would've worked.


Guess it can be helped now. Maybe I'll have better luck if Neil decides to tour here again in 3 years time.

Mmm, I could be wrong but from trying this morning for London whilst password protected and then right on the button when it transferred to the no password pre-sale it seems the seats were the same allocation as they ran on from there. Not two separate pre-sales.


Anyone know the festival hall? Are the stalls well sloped? I'm small and if everyone stands (hopefully!) I won't see a thing if I get tallest man in the world or lady with the biggest hair in front .... which always happens Its put me off the rear stalls which are best available. Might try for balcony.

I couldnt access the link yesterday due to being busy, just remembered (very tired!) and I got two tix at the Sage in Row E, but it did say in one bit that that was level 1 which would be rubbish but their rows run AA, BB etc, so I think I may be in the stalls??

Hope so, but either way I am fine about it, its a great venue with great sound.


But in my experience pre-sales are getting to be a farce with so many different avenues to access them, often the fan clubs are the worst ones, but the frenz ones are usually pretty good.

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