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i notice these days that fanclub CDs (genuine ones) are selling on eBay often for over $100. It's crazy. I think people buy them as an investment to sell rather than for listening pleasure. Why does the fanclub only do such small numbers, forcing those who want them either to pay a fortune or to get a bootleg?

It also seems that the folk who get them aren't the 'true' fans since a real fan wouldn't think about selling them.

What do y'all think? Would you like to see more 'mass produced' fanclub CDs or is there some underlying reason why only 500 (?) or so of each are done? I remember one guy sold the whole set for over $1000 on eBay. some people eh????
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Them's a rotten bunch o' bastards, they are.
I'd love to trade copies of my out of print stuff (the only reason I would justify copying) for some of that other stuff, but paying that kind of $ for something that might wind up as a poorly done boot I won't do. I think the FC should reprint the cd's with a 2 or a different coloured cover so you can tell them from the first press, but make them available again.

I agree. It would be fantastic if the fan club could
repress the cds with a simple, one color insert, or something completely different to distinguish them from the originals. After all, these cds were made available for the fans, the people who love the music, not for people to use as an investment. I have been a Crowded House/Enz fan for years, and just joined the fan club a few weeks ago. I could kick myself for not joining way back in '87 when I first discovered CH. I never wrote for the fan club info because based on childhood fanclub experiences, I thought the only thing I'd be missing out on would be a newsletter, a button, and maybe the opportunity to order a T-shirt.
If I'd only known. Peter Green, is this a possibility?
Is there any chance the old fan clubs cds can be issued again for people like myself and others who missed out? What does everyone else think??
Not that I'm a killjoy or anything, but I'm in the same boat (didn't join yonks ago cos I didn't think it worth the effort only to regret it like hell now...) and I asked the great Peter Green about exactly this and he basically said, no can do due to restrictions placed by the copyright/legal beagles. So you and I will just have to carry on buying the bootlegs and depriving the band and fan club of the royalties they so richly deserve. Its a real shame.
Had a note from the fan club today to let me know that they are producing one final lot of all the fan club cd's. They will be on CD-R with laser artwork is included in the price. This is the only time they will be doing this and all orders must be in by November 3rd. Looks like the fan club listen.

Hope this helps
The cdr will be different...so you can tell 'em apart....the cdr's with the Blueish back to it...so it's obviously a copy..so I imagine there will still be a market for the 'Originals'.
But it looked like they would all have the same artwork.....I'm just going to have to sell my Camera's off to buy these. (And get my mum to sell herself on the streets...oh well....)

I'm sure it will be worth it.
Help, help.

I'm not yet a fanclub member, but I been trying to find live albums like these for years and years and I really don't wanna miss this chance.

Could some kind hearted soul please tell me how I can join as soon as possible or at least not miss out on being able to buy these albums. I would be really grateful if someone could help.

Cheers, Jeremy.
Help me too, please.

Make sure you spell it out really clearly. Step by step instructions. Dumb it down a bit, just to make sure all us morons who never joined the fanclub will end up owning these precious items.

Taa babes.
Hey kids,

This is the information on the frenz.com resources page:

The fee for the fan club membership is based on where you live:

USA/Canada - $10 USA cash plus 2 IRCs
Aust - $10 Australian plus 2 x 45c stamps
NZ - $10 NZ cash plus 2 IRCs
Europe - $15 Australian plus 2 IRCs
UK - 10 pounds cash

Send this to: P.O. Box 333, Prahran, VIC. 3181 AUSTRALIA

Please include a stamped self addressed envelope or IRC.

There you go. Money orders or cheques are probably the best way to pay. I'm sure if you mailed Peter with any other queries he'd be more than happy to help. Er, does that answer yr question?
Reprinting the fan club CDs?

Please, please, send me an email - crb@ihug.co.nz - and tell me what the story with that is!
Originally posted by moondriven:
Hey kids,

This is the information on the frenz.com resources page:

Now that time is of the essence, I will need to submit my CD order along with membership fees. Does someone have a complete list of which CDs are available? I've looked at various CH sites but nobody lists the fan club discs in their discographies. I know there are several Neil discs, and I'd like to know about those as well.



The Fan Club CDs are not listed in discographies because Peter Green has asked that they aren't listed anywhere. It would be appreciated if they weren't listed in this forum, otherwise it will be deleted (sorry, thems the rules!)

Do you have an opinion? A mind of your own?
Hi Princess. I have just posted off my cheque so that I can become a member of the club and purchase some of these CDs. However, due to the fact that no-one is allowed to publish any titles in this or any other forum, I do not know what is on offer. I respect the rules and the reasons that they are in place, but how can I order any titles if I don't know what they are, who they are by and the tracklisting.

Perhaps, if you can't put the titles in the forum, could you email them to me.

What I would love to find is some Crowded House concerts when Tim Finn was in the band. If you could help me out in any way I would be very grateful.

Regards, Jeremy.
Hi Jeremy

Nothing wrong with private emails. No one can stop you there. I don't have a complete list myself, but maybe someone else can help you out.

But, when you receive membership for the fan club, you should receive a list of CDs which are on offer and an order form. I don't have it in front of me, but I do recall Peter saying in the recent letter that some copies would be reserved for late orders/new members (but don't quote me on that!).

I hope this helps


Do you have an opinion? A mind of your own?
Thank you for your help Princess. I sent off my cheque as soon as I heard that these CDs were being reprinted, so hopefully I should hear from Peter or Debbie quite soon.

I hope that you are right about them putting aside some copies, because I really don't wan't to miss out on these babies.

People who don't live in N.Z. might find this hard to believe, but I have been completely unable to find a single bootleg by Tim, Neil, Split Enz, Crowded House or any Finn related artist. Quite ironic seeing as most of these artists are kiwis.
I've just looked at the FOTE letter I received and there are only 2 CDs that were reserved for latecomers/new members, not the CDRs.


*crawls under rock*

Sorry about that! There's a lot of different things churning around in this blonde head at the moment, please excuse me if some stuff comes out a bit jumbled (Did that sound like a viable excuse?)

But if you've expressed an interest in the CDs, hopefully you'll be able to get some. Good luck.

Take care all


Do you have an opinion? A mind of your own?

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