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Just wondering about all these fan club cd's?

I'm a very new member of the fan club, so I wasn't around when I'm guessing they offered special live cd's to members? They aren't available now?
They sound like they would be such a treasured item in any collection!

Thanks, any info would be appreciated Smiler
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The CDs have been available to fanclub members on the sales sheets that arrive with the newsletters for a few years now - usually in batches of 3 or 4 and covering Crowded House, Finn Brothers, Neil Finn and Tim Finn.

There may still be a few odd copies around - best thing is to email Peter Green and ask him - although he's asked for no emails for a few days as he's taking time off.

Our policy on this site is that the CDs can only be traded with other fan club members or sold for the price that you originally paid for them from the fanclub.

Hope that helps.


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