Couldn't find an existing topic on Crowdies fan art so thought I'd start one as I've seen some interesting creations over the years (so I can't be the only one who has indulged in this activity Wink ).

So to kick things off, here's a jacket I made circa '91:

The back is a reproduction of Paul's jacket of the first tour while the rest is obviously inspired by Temple. It's signed by all named on it (Neil, Nick, Paul & Tim) and the design on the left shoulder was added by Nick (it's a burning house in teacup). Not pictured is a matching long-sleeved white shirt.

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At precisely the moment I was trying to move it, lol. Aren't you up awfully late, Anselm?

Back on topic. The jacket is fantastic, Stu! I have a friend on here who has one very similar that she has sewn. Where are you Shaani?

Quite talented people!
That is awesome !!!!!! I love it, I want one Big Grin

I loved the jacket Shaani wore at The Enz concerts, that rocked.

You talented, talented people
That is one awesome jacket!! Well done!!

I have only recently made this T shirt using fabric paint - I wore it to Live Earth and am going to wear it for the concerts in Nov. Wink

Very nice shirt as well! Amazed you could do that with fabric paint, I have a terrible time working with it.

Very nice indeed! Smiler
The jacket and t shirt are beautiful, you're both very talented - I could only dream of being so artistic.

Slickstu, what's the story behind having your jacket signed and the addition by Nick, sounds interesting.
I made the jacket for the Woodface tour but I was never terribly fond of the Woodface artwork so I took the previous albums as inspiration. So anyway me and my CH mate rocked up to the Woodface show at the QUT refectory each wearing our own jackets. I held up my jacket mid-show, catching Nick's eye. Between songs I handed him the jacket and he took time out to admire it and then (in true rock'n'roll style) wiped the sweat off his face with it and handed it back. Big Grin After the show we hung around outside and Nick came out to sign autographs and asked "where are the guys with the coats?" We eagerly raised our Hands and Nick took our coats backstage to show the other guys. Soon after he came back and invited us backstage where the other fellas complemented us on our work and signed them for us. Nick also put our names on the door for the following night's show at the Beenleigh Rum Distillery.

I think it was that following night that we first met Gryphon and he took us backstage after that show also. I asked Nick that night if he would like to contribute something to my jacket and that's when he put the "burning house in a teacup" on the shoulder.

Thanks for asking, CG. It's been fun reminiscing! Wink

In answer to Tracy's comment on the paint, I didn't have too much trouble with it once I figured out that laying it on thick was the way to go (plus mix it with a bit of water to thin it a bit). The paints I used were Permaset (quite expensive and I don't know if they are still available). These are water based but when you're finished you run the iron over it to fix it. Having said that, I've never been game to wash the jacket! The yellow "Crowded House" temple text on the lapels was done in slick pen (also a Permaset product, I think) which is a thick plasticky stuff which you squeeze out of the bottle. This is what the signatures and Nick's design have been drawn with and I recall the guys having great trouble getting it to flow properly. Obviously none of them had come across this product before! Big Grin The trick with it, though, is to squeeze it out of the bottle like toothpaste so that it creates a thick, shiny, satin 3 dimensional line which dries upon exposure to air.

As a point of interest, my buddy painted his coat with cheap acrylic house paint. When he humbly confessed this to Nick, he said that was what he used also! The only problem with house paint, though, is that it cracks over time. As an interesting side note, Nick also mentioned that he had to take up the sleeves of his and Neil's jackets a bit so they didn't interfere with their guitar playing; so their jacket sleeves are actually shorter than they ought to be.
Haha. I guess the upshot of the story is that since I've never washed the jacket, it still has Nick's DNA on it!
haha stu, you can now make little nick clones Big Grin!
on the subject of jackets, here's my attempt at neil's black white and grey jacket, it's about %80 accurate methinks

It's had a good wearing at vaious school socials and band perfomances
Good work, Foxy. The Enz coat is quite possibly the holy grail of Jackart. I had an abortive Schnell Fenster jacket which never got off the ground; basically due to their disinclination to tour. It hardly seemed worth it if you couldn't wear it to a show. Frowner

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