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A video of a recent Q&A Neil did is up on his site. Haven’t had time to watch the whole thing but based on the first 20 min or so, this features Neil on good form, some fun questions and answers. I’m not sure if Neil was exactly implying that Eddie Vedder sometimes calls him after a few drinks, but I find that endearing and entirely believable.

Amusingly someone asked if the Fan Club cds would be available again someday, he said he thought they were available through and to ask Jeremy. Over to you, Jaffaman ;-)

(I’ve always assumed they were either a rights nightmare or are in that pile of projects with good intentions but no time available to work on it, but it’s funny that Neil was oblivious).

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Maybe sharing the fan club CDs really is as easy as putting them up on I understand that they initially needed to be released with the blessing of the band's (at the time) record company. Probably because of some contractual obligations about what entities were entitled to release CH titles. But I would think that those requirements have long since lapsed. My guess is that Neil Finn owns the live recordings and can release them as he sees fit. Hence the entire 2007 and 2010 tours being released as well as Neil playing a fan club CD on Fangradio (Spooky Vibrations).

I'm not suggesting that anyone has an unalienable right to fan club CDs. I'm just saying that it sounds like Neil would be OK with it and I doubt there are legal issues preventing it. If the demand is there, make them available! Charge for them or stream them (as Fangradio has done). The club CDs are iconic and a must-have for any Crowded House fan. I have all of them and they are simply the best historical archives for the various periods of the band's in existence. More fans should have the opportunity to hear them.

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At 56 minutes in, Neil responds perfectly to the 'why did you dump Mark and Matt' echo chamber.

Perfectly answered.

I still am surprised at the audacity of people wanting Neil to play with then same people over and over. bands change . It's normal. It's like expecting people to hang out with their old school friends. We all grow and develop in different ways through life.

At the beginning of the session that repeating then same thing over and over is not enjoyable or part of what drives him. he's not here to fulfil the dreams of his fans. he's here to make great music, and iff he can do taht with his family why wouldn't you? It reminds me of the whole Beatles thing of fans wishing they got back together.

As Neil aid there would not be another Crowded House unless there was a way that was new and fresh. Hankering for him to play with the same line up for 30 years leaves me cold.

Neil's willingness to experiment and vary things is what I have maintained interest since 1977 when I bought My Mistake. I thoroughly enjoy the many paths he's taken, Pajama Club, Finn brothers, Neil solo, and always find great stuff. Add to that the pearls that have been aired on Fangradio - it's a blessing.

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Just listened to that part - very well put. I certainly had a negative reaction to it at first, and still feel bad for the guys, but I’m very much looking forward to the future.

I’m really glad he wrote this piece on his blog a while ago - a collection of things most of us thought about Neil anyway but it’s cool to see he has an awareness about it himself. Good reading for anyone feeling put off by the CH situation:

I also think the 'ditched' Mark and Matt question was old and dated.

I would have liked someone to ask Neil what was it like collaborating with Mark.

Fans have seen Mark as reserved and shy. I wonder, in the recording studio or soundcheck, how did he put his ideas and suggestions to songs. We know he suggested to speed up 'Locked Out', for example.

I did actually put in a question but then deleted it, asking if he and Mark were competitive during a guitar jam - either in studio or live!

Will always miss Mark.

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