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well last night some good news did come about, Neil has decided to go ahead with the extra NYC show. press and the day off has been thrown out the door so he will be performing that night instead. We had a lot of emails etc asking about an extra show, so it is a go ahead. Management have not officially told me, BUT Neil did this morning so that sounds pretty official to me. So yep it is on.
(Sorry Deb for the confusion but it wasn't before) I'm back to my holiday.
All the best
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Yes, it does figure, doesn't that I bought tickets for Philadelphia thinking there would be only one NY show. *laughs*

Oh well, two different shows in two different cities at two different types of venues. Variety is the spice of life, they say. Smiler Although it certainly would have been more convenient to see two shows in NY instead. Wink

Well, at least this way all the people who missed out on getting tickets for the first NY show will have another chance. Smiler

edit: I WILL learn to type one of these days!
right you are, brownie...variety is the spice of life......that's why even tho i live in chicago i'm flying to nyc(reserved seats), san francisco, (not reserved, but it's a little warmer)and seattle (ditto)....convenience...what's that?!?

really, the things i have to do to hear good music!

re: the typing thing....welcome to my world, hon....

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