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I was just reading the 'Split Enz best songs' thread in this forum, and I really think that you people,...moderators especially, should just get over yourselves and let topics go where they want to.
When one person decides to speak his own opinion, one which might not be pro Split Enz or pro Neil, peopl jump on his back for being 'provocative'.
I can only speak for myself, but I'm pretty sick of reading posts like 'I like this about neil...." "My favourite songs by Crowded House....." really, why not let people post what they want and then maybe something interesting might happen in these forums for a change.
If someone says something like "Neils songs in Split Enz are rubbish", instead of just yelling "That's against the rules, you cant do that", why not tell him why you think the songs arn't rubbish. It makes sence to me....although I'm not one of those freaky obsessive Finn fans who live in their own bubble and cant handle other peoples opinions.


P.S. I'll be surpised if this topic isn't removed for being too 'provocative'. So in defence of that I'll say.
" I like Split Enz ".
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Donovan, I agree with the notion that people need to be more thick-skinned about what's said on this site. Short of being profane, spirited disagreement should be allowed, but if one never has anything positive to say, then they should post to another forum. Enemiez of the Enz, Former Frenz, or something like that. After all, we didn't set this forum up, so we can't make the rules, only abide by them.

P.S. I got over myself long ago!

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I am sure that people would LOVE to sit there and chat with you about WHY they like the Enz/Neil etc, but why don't we all make a deal. If we're going to qualify WHY we like Neil, why don't you try qualifying WHY you DON'T, instead of posting one-line sillyness like "Neil Is Washed Up" etc without any reasoning or rational arguments?!
Happy New Year!
Sorry Donovan, but I have to go with Jen on this one. I am all for freedom of opinions, and not just saying what everyone else does, or what is popular. But when you (for instance) start talking about Neil Finn being washed up, lets face it. You know that a lot of people are gonna get pissed off, people will bicker, and moderators will get involved.

Also, no-one was picking on Martin for not liking Neil's work in Split Enz. I just pointed out to him, that it was unfair to judge Neil's work in Split Enz based only on one album. What part of that was unfair?

Donovan, did you notice that in Martin's second post he added "P.S. just to be controversial". Then something about how "I got you" sucks.

No-one is picking on him, but he as good as said that he is looking to start making problems. Why is it necessary to be controversial in order to have a fun conversation about our favourite artists?

Anyway, I didn't write this to piss you off or pick a fight. God only knows, I don't always agree with or even like some "moderating". But this time I think they acted appropriately, and I think youre aiming your gun in the wrong direction.
Well said Donavan. Your comment was obviously refering to what I said. I am a new member here - and was blasted by quite a few people for saying some bad words about Neil Finn's song writing in Split Enz - as good as it is that some people will always stick up for him - can you not accept someone's opinion if they're criticising him.

In fairness I haven't heard a great deal of Neils work for the enz - so am not in a great position to criticise but from what I have heard, I cannot stand I got You, History Never Repeats (the pearl jam version was so much better) and missing person. Message to my girl and whats the matter with you are average songs - nothing special. However - i don't deny that One Step Ahead is a superb song.

I guess I am comparing his song writing to Phil Judd's - which was just so much more inventive, explorative and simply exciting.

Having recently bought The Beginning Of The Enz - I am saddened that his style was not popular. I guess that is why the later Enz were more sucessful because Neil Finn's music is generally more catchy.

However - It's only Neil's work for Split Enz which I'm not fond of. Crowded House were a great band - although ironically my two favourite songs were co-written - Hole In The River (Eddie Rayner) and Kare Kare - which was one of the only songs the whole band wrote.

TWT was a great album - my favourites are Souvenir, Truth, Sinner and TWT.


p.s - i cannot wait for Neil Finn's new album

p.p.s - I cannot stand I Got You!
Just in reply to Jen about my post that Neil is washed up. I didn't just post that to get a reply, I honestly do believe that this is now the case, and I tried to explain why. If you read the post you'll see it's not as you say 'One line Rubbish'. It's actually pretty long. (for me anyway).
But that's not what we're deiscussing, regardless of my intentions when I started the thread, It still got more replies than any thread I've seen ever, something like 35 or something, and it was 10 times more interesting than reading a post about "Neils best Songs".
I'm probably as big a finn fan as anyone in here (nearly anyone), I pretty much own everything released, and I'm a huge fan,
but a lot of what they do annoy me, and if I truly think that, and I post it, and I do try to explain why I think that (which I did), then that should be that. Should I not post something I'd like to discuss and something I believe just because it might ruffle a few finn fans feathers?
And in reply to Michael Lodziak.....ummm, I really dont know what point your trying to make....hmmm. sorry,

Anyway, I'm done. Onto the next controversial topic!

And in reply to Michael Lodziak.....ummm, I really dont know what point your trying to make....hmmm. sorry,

Well, firstly - I was just agreeing with what you said and secondly I was defending my comments in the previous topic.

have i explained it well enough for you now? or do you want me to simplify it that bit more?

p.s - my name is martin - not michael
Firstly, Jeremy - if you;re going to say is "me too" and "you c*ck" in this forum, can I suggest that you dont? YOur other post was constructive and explanatory, please keep it like that? Or have something constructive and interesting to say about SPLIT ENZ? I know you said something worthwhile in this thread but in the other one it did get a bit silly.

Secondly, Martin - I LOVE Beginning of the Enz . If I had to chuck all my other Enz records out (god forbid!), that would be the one I keep. It's quirky, amusing, enjoyable... and although I love Neil's later input to the band (and think it's pretty hot), BotE is to me, THE Enz, mostly due to Phil Judd's input and the "original" lineup(s) of the band. Others I know don't agree, but this is my personal favourite. Whatever floats your (leaky?!) boat I guess! I'd get a copy of Stranger than Fiction btw - it's a brilliant read !

Thirdly, Donovan, I must say I was generalising rather, but you were being pretty inflammatory and I'd rather you backed up with MORE stuff than you did. A lot of people say to me "how can you like Neil he's so passe!". As soon as I get them to back up this statement with more than personal conjecture, they shut up as the proof is in the pudding (or music). Personal feelings are fine, but as said previously, if you're just trying to stir things up, there is no point!! I must say that you're definitely more constructive than Jeremy is being right now, if that cheers you up!!!

"They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel."
- Carl W. Buechner

Well said Carl!

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