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I just visited the HMV website and found out that this special edition of EIH will be out in Australia in a couple of weeks.

Hope it's the same one as England got. We didn't get all the singles here in Australia (pissed off but hey...) so all those B sides will be great to listen to.

It only means I'll have to buy the album again. I hate that when it happens... Mad
I just got mine in the US from the CD WOW site. I was dismayed to find out it was in PAL format...(I hadn't checked that before I bought it) but was pleasantly surprised when I popped it into my JVC DVD player and saw those beatiful images come up on the screen....everything works fine.....the cd won't play on my Windows Media player but some other random player pops up to play it....not sure if that came installed on the cd....anyway I was glad to get it and thrilled at ANY new material I can get my hands on! (I had never heard Sunset Swim or any of the other additional songs on the dvd)
hey, sumrdream, did yours come through shipping ok? i thought the packaging from CD WOW was pretty flimsy. the case to mine broke almost all the way through (thankfully the discs were spared) and i think i'm going to have a hard time finding a replacement case identical to the one its packaged in, because its some weird tri-fold thing. i only have double cases that open and close like a book. hope yours was ok.
Sorry to hear that! Mine came thru the post fine, I agree for shipping around the world the packaging was pretty flimsy no padding just a box. I have other cds and dvds in this trifold type package.....maybe try searching the dvd cases at your local office supply would be the double disk format...I've seen others like it....good luck!
I can relate to the original post. It seems a lot of Finn fans are older and can afford to buy six different versions of one song to get the extras, but I don't have the cash. I'm not saying I'm never going to buy from the Finns again, but this release has definitely got me flummoxed.

I guess what I find annoying is, what was the problem with an original album of 13-14 3 minute pop songs? Why drop those extra three in the first place?

I'm in the US, so I bought the pre-tour EP on iTunes so that I'd have some exposure to the new material before they came in August. Then I bought the actual album when it came out to give them support in the US. THEN iTunes comes out with bonus track interview material that you can only get if you BUY THE WHOLE ALBUM over again. Then I can pay nearly full album price to get import singles to reown songs I already have if I want those extra three songs that could have just been on the original anyway. THEN they just go ahead and release what could have been the full album in the first place, but again, only overseas.

1. I know they're not huge sellers in the US which is why stateside fans have to work a lot harder for stuff. 2. I understand with albums that tracks get cut to make a more cohesive work and also because there can sometimes be a lot of extra tracks, but neither of those things seem to be the case with this album. It's three extra tracks and they fit in great with the other material. I just don't have the discretionary income to keep up.
Black Cloud

thanks for the back up!

I actually cannot afford to buy as much as I used to (the joys of parenthood).

Why couldn't Finns follow something of Wilco's lead?

They have just re-released 'A Ghost Is Born' with an additional 5 songs. However, if you already own 'A Ghost Is Born' on CD, all you need to do is pop the CD in your PC (or Mac I presume) and you can download the same tracks for whatever your downloads costs are.

I don't think Jeff Tweedy is the richest songwriter around, but if he can do it so can the Finns.

Obviously with the passing of Paul I would like to see the Weather With You video...

Alternatively, why couldn;t the Finns make it a stand alone item without the album attached.

And don't get me going on the wasteful, 'green' issues of the 2nd release Frowner
thanks sumrdream, glad yours arrived okay Smiler

i dont think i realized how much stuff i bought related to everyone is here until reading black cloud's post. its sort of ridiculous. granted, no one forced me to buy all this, but i do find it a bit preposterous there can't be some kind of full release that includes all the b-sides, the live DVD, and all etceteras. to me buying the album when it comes out, then buying the complete special edition 6 months later doesn't sting as much as:
a. buying the iTunes pre-release tracks
b. buying the hard copy of the album
c. buying the iTunes album for the bonus tracks
d. buying the wont give in single
e. buying the nothing wrong with you single
f. buying the edible flowers single
g. buying the album once again to get the dvd

and i think i might have even bought the japanese version in order to get sunset swim. Roll Eyes

way too many releases.
Just a little update on the Australian release of the special edition of EIH (out Tuesday 26th April).

I looked at what's going to be on the extra DVD and noticed tracks from the MAX Sessions broadcast as well as other live material (and the B Sides). Surely that wasn't on the English special edition, was it?

For anybody interested in finding out what's on the Oz Special Editon go to for the track listing. Excuse my ignorance if it is the same bonus DVD as the overseas release. Since MAX Sessions is an Australian show - on pay TV at that - I'll assume that those tracks are esxclusive to the Australian DVD edition Confused
I looked at what's going to be on the extra DVD and noticed tracks from the MAX Sessions broadcast as well as other live material (and the B Sides). Surely that wasn't on the English special edition, was it?

For anybody interested in finding out what's on the Oz Special Editon go to for the track listing. Excuse my ignorance if it is the same bonus DVD as the overseas release. Since MAX Sessions is an Australian show - on pay TV at that - I'll assume that those tracks are esxclusive to the Australian DVD edition
The tracklisting is identical to the edition recently released in the UK.
I bought the special edition EIH because i had just moved and couldn't find the original in amongst all the boxes.

I went to get a replacement and it just happened to be the Special Edition. Of course two days later i found the original, but I'm not bothered.

I tend to find that when CH or Finn bros released any material I would try and get most of the formats - so I wasn't missing any special moments but also because I feel that the more that is bought the more the record company will realise there is still a market out there and continue to support these guys. Especially now that the higher profile days of CH are past. (also I'm making up for years of missing out on all those early CH releases before I got into them in a big way.

It's my way of saying thanks to the guys for years of bountiful audio goodness.
I agree!

I've looked at that clip several times and it's not just the smile but that he walks over towards Paul and just about makes it back to the mike to resume singing.

I must admit it made me smile when I first saw it but since Paul's death it has made me more aware of the bond that existed between them Smiler


On a related point did Paul play any other songs with them on Music Max?
I don't think we in Canada have any of the Special Editions of any Crowded House or Neil Finn cds (I wish!)but I just wanted to say that I recently picked up a copy of Neil's Everyone is Here cd, & I just can't find the words to adequitely say just how much I love this man & his music! I absolutely LOVE the whole cd, it's completely amazing from top to bottom....From here on out, I am feeling the need to try to get my hands on utterly everything that Neil has done...As far as I'm concerned, he's right up there with John Lennon
I absolutely love the Won't Give In video footage on the bonus cd. I have nearly worn it out. But I especially love the end when they totally rock it up. Amazing drums and guitar solo from the Staceys. And it goes without saying fab dancing from Tim and his Fisher Price tamborine!! Anyway they all look like they are really into it at the end.
For anyone in Melbourne, I got a very pleasant surprise last Thursday.

I went into JB Hifi in Melbourne to look for something else (Finn related Wink ), and there was the Finn Brothers CD/DVD just sitting there staring at me Big Grin So of course I had to buy it Wink There was only the one copy so I didn't dare risk missing it. So far JB is the only place I've seen it. And I'm betting it was a whole lot cheaper than it would have been at HMV - my other purchase sure was Cool

For anyone who's interested, or wants to compare, the track listing is as follows:

Disk 1
Exactly the same as "Everyone is Here"

Disk 2 (DVD)
1. Anything Can Happen (Live from Bedford Theatre)
2. I Got You (Live from wellington)
3. Nothing Wrong with You (Live from Wellington)
4. Weather with You featuring Paul Hester (Live from Music Max Australia)
5. Won't Give In (Live from Music Max Australia)
6. Edible Flowers (Video)
1. Sunset swim
2. Way back Down
3. Everyday Alright
4. Land Torments the Sea
5. Luckiest Man Alive
It has DVD PAL on the back.

I know Anselm had posted that the releases here and overseas were identical. The above listing will obviously confirm that. (Sorry if this is considered to be a double post Frowner ).

I was confused about content before I bought mine, so hopefully this will help anyone (in Australia at least) who still may have questions Big Grin
Thanks Texas Rose for the info.

I'm just about to visit my local JB store right now to grab the special edition. While it means I'm buying the same album again, it also means I can rest my intitial digipak purchase of EIH. I'm sure that disc would appreciate the rest!

So on behalf of my first copy of the album, many thanks! Big Grin
for my 2 cents, i'd like to say that as an american in a remote western state, i do not buy, or see, or research very often all the misc. and i'm sure most wonderful, foreign cd's and dvd's of the Finns. but i am so, so happy to have the special edition EIH.! because of the dvd. (i already have the original cd.) i have never seen any of that footage. it's wonderful, it makes me miss them, and i cannot wait to see the Finns again. (i have to fly to other states of course, though Wyoming is quite beautiful, and everyone compares parts of it to New Zealand) ok, that's all.
I've now watched the DVD part of my purchase, and I have to say that although I had decided not to purchase the Special Edition (until I saw it sitting there in the flesh - obviously meant for me Wink ) I am so glad that I did. Even if it sticks in your craw a bit that you've already purchased the first release of the album, it really is worth getting the SE for the live versions of the songs Razzer

If anyone's hanging off because they think its a rip off, or don't want to buy the CD twice, well maybe it kind of is a rip off, but its a genuine one Big Grin

I couldn't stop watching it last night Cool

Just go for it Wink
If you've only bought the original album and none of the singles (and in Australia that'd only be one) then I don't really see how it's a rip off. For a start the retail price for it is 26.99 which is cheaper than a new release and the bonus DVD has half an album of live songs and half an album of b sides (songs that aren't on the orginal album). So I don't really see it as a rip off.
Sorry Camus - I should have clarified that Frowner

I don't see it as a rip off either - far from it. I have just read posts from people, not necessarily on this forum, who thought it was a rip off, or at least a bit rich.

I don't agree - all I was saying is that if you are one of those people, don't hesitate to get it anyway, because it is fantastic.

For myself, I believe the DVD material and other singles more than warrant the purchase Big Grin
I only bought the Australian single of Won't Give In, so I already had Sunset Swim and Way Back Down, and I have the complete Max Sessions on DVD, but I still didn't think it was a rip off, it was worth it for the other non max sessions videos and the other B sides. And thanks to your goodself and your second Edible Flowers single, I now have Tell Me C'mon which is a great song Smiler
I got this in NZ today, been waiting for this release for a while for a good excuse to get it. Back when it was released last year I ended up sending my copy to my homesick parents in Utah and haven't been able to justify affording it (I had a copy of it for a while) since being your typical poor Uni student.

The dvd version gave me good reason to invest, and the uni student discount the store gave me was really an incentive. I really like, especially the video with Paul Hester (even if as said, he's only briefly show) and it was the first time I got to see the Edible Flowers video. Also, I was at the Christchurch show (front row centre!) which in constract from the programme shown in NZ was a cut above the Wellington show, but it's nice to have something more quality than my bad VHS copy from its terrible late night slot (of course when I happened to be working late nights) to remember the most amazing concert. I know people may think special editions are rip offs, forcing you to spend more money...but I think it's worth it, quality extras and in case to finally my own copy of EIH again!

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