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That must've been special Stuart.  I'd think the RCH is less than 2,000 capacity.  It's a great venue.  Like you, I thought the Hyrdo was too big, given they played the Auditorium for the Intriguer tour.  To jump from 3,000 to 10-12,000 seemed optimistic.  Even more so with the prices, but it shows what I know!

I'll pick up tickets for Glasgow if (when) Manchester is cancelled.  I'll be in the £40-75 seats if that's the case.  We were within 10 or 15 rows at the SECC (TOE) and Auditorium (Intriguer), so it will be disappointing to be quite far back, but better to be there than not!

I'm glad they cancelled and rescheduled. No way are things going to be safe enough in two three months time, and it would be entirely selfish to let these events happen. Just look at Neil's attitude to the whole situation 👍🏻

Another big reason why 2021 will be the best year ever 🎉

The announcement for Manchester will follow soon apparently, just awaiting confirmation. 

Cityscape posted:

Does anyone who has tickets for the London shows know if they're offering refunds if you can't make it to the new dates?

I'm wondering if there's any chance of a returned tickets sale, cause I've got tickets for Manchester (presumably also about to be rescheduled) but would really like to see them at the Roundhouse too.

Refunds: as far as the UK is concerned, consumer rights protection legislation and codes of practice require ticket-sellers to refund the face value of the ticket if the event is cancelled.  If the event is postponed but you cannot make the date, the same applies.  You won't get back the booking/admin fees though.  There's a useful page of info on Which? magazine site:

Trouble is, sellers for every conceivable sort of cancelled or postponed event or service (or flight, or whatever) will be deluged with requests for refunds and many are making it very difficult, or even invisible, to know how to go about it.  No-one in the entertainment sector is putting refunds up as a headline - they can't afford the massive cost all in one go.  So postponements are a sort of halfway house.  I work (used to work!!!  past tense ) on a Box Office and we are only offering postponements at this stage.

I'll hold out for the new dates, but am trying for refunds for other artists' gigs I've got tickets for.  Assuming Green Man Fest (mid-Aug) won't be happening either 

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I managed to get some decent seats for the rescheduled Glasgow show for an OK price (£75 each) this morning. I'm assuming Manchester will be cancelled and not rescheduled, and we'll get our money back for that. I'll have a dilemma whether to try and do both next year if it is rescheduled, but I'm unlikely to get much support at home for that!!

Crowded House confirmed for Pinkpop  2022 in the Netherlands, performing on 18th June - the second night of the festival, headlined by their friends Pearl Jam:

“Gee, that’s kind of fun again”, Neil Finn must have thought, when he stood on the Pinkpop stage in 2019 as a member of Fleetwood Mac. “Fun” is an understatement though, when we talk about the performance of Crowded House in 1994; it was legendary, because of the contact with the audience and the pure pleasure that the New Zealand band radiated. They have hibernated several times since then, while Neil has proven himself as one of the hardest working men in pop music, with countless projects. Neil made the 2019 restart with his sons Liam and Elroy, alongside original band member Nick Seymour and Mitchell Froom, the producer of all of the Crowded House successes of the 1990s. Their album Dreamers Are Waiting was released in June 2021. After warming up with a New Zealand tour the band is all set to play their perfect pop songs for us again.

I just saw that  Joe Jackson is coming to Birmingham, to play at the historic Lyric theater. A vaudeville house, where there was originally a second entrance upstairs (denoted by a plaque) where african-americans would enter.  But we all get along now in Birmingham, have for years!

Neil, please come to the Magic City and play this historic venue!!!

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