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While I share the feeling of unease and, to a degree, distaste for the background to the reincarnation of the band (though I acknowledge that no-one can actually know the details behind Mark's exclusion) - I think I might regret it if I did not go for tickets.  It's a chance to see Frenz, too  .  

Today's email says the pre-sale is 0900 UK time on Wed 11th, but the LiveNation link says Thurs 12th.  Any clues?

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The email release sent earlier mentions pre-sale

Presale instructions:
If you live in a country having a presale, we will email you the presale ticket link and code for your event this Wednesday at 9am your time. This helps to keep tickets reserved for you, rather than scalpers.

Team NF

So all those signed up will receive an email on Wednesday with link(s) to pre-pre sale :-)

I'm as conflicted as many about the announced line-up, but I'm always interested in what Neil's doing. What p*sses me off is buying tickets for a gig hundreds of miles away (Manchester) and then a gig 10 miles away (Glasgow) is announced shortly after. My funds and access to babysitters are limited. Travelling to Manchester is a completely different prospect now that there is a full tour. I know it won't be possible to get all dates announced at the same time (though most of the time they are), but it feels dishonest to not put out a press release saying UK tour dates will be announced or larger tour announcement in the works). 

I'm surprised at the size of venue, in Scotland at least. Anticipation was much higher for the 'Live on Earth' tour than now, and by Intriguer they'd dropped from a 10,000 to a 3,000 seater venue. 

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