Still a lot of tickets available for the Berlin show (looking at the seat chart). My estimation is that only 20% of the tickets have sold yet... That doesn't look too good. The show in Köln did not sell out yet either, but as it's free admission you cannot see how many tickets have sold yet. Obviously the very high postage fees of don't help and somehow they chose to not allow DIY ticketing (print at home) for these concerts.

I had to pay €16 for having them send two tickets from Germany to the Netherlands. (Amazon Germany asks a fraction of that for postage of books etc to the Netherlands.) Together with a €4 service fee per ticket, that's quite a mark-up on the already quite hefty ticket price (€56) for the Cologne concert in a venue that does not have the reputation of being very comfortable. While we will enjoy seeing the band in a relatively small club in an all standing gig, all in all this is perhaps a little bit too much for the more casual fan? 

Joepert, I feel like it looks like you say, there are some venues where they've not sold tickets as well as they must have expected. I was surprised when Manchester UK didn't sell out, and the Glasgow date availability looks very good (though I think far too many of the tickets are priced £140+ for the size of venue). I don't think this re-launch has had the impact as the Time on Earth era, but prices and venues seem to be more Fleetwood Mac than Crowded House tbh. I'm excited to see them, but maybe the general public isn't as enthused at seeing Neil and Family. 

Time moves on and, frankly, I think the prices are exorbitant. I would imagine that most of the band's fan base are now family men/women who don't have the money to throw down on a single night out, especially if they want/need to bring said family with them.

I think the market makes it pretty clear that our generation is willing and able to pay vast amounts of money for concert tickets, if they are sure they are in for a comfortable night out. My theory is that a lot of family men/women tend to do concerts only once or twice per year and don't mind paying through the teeth for that. And to be honest I think that a lof of FRENZ are already beyond the age that they would want to bring their family with them ;-).

Anyway: fact remains that I can't see a lot of people of our generation pay €60 for a concert ticket in a venue in the outskirts of Cologne that has no parking lot, no seats and, basically, is an old warehouse. Supposedly the venue has it's charm: we'll see. We're making a bit of a getaway from it (without the kids :-)) so suits us fine.

Actually I think that older people generally have more money than younger people; what they have less of, perhaps, is time. Many fans from the early nineties probably have grown children now. I know there are some outliers like you, Paul,  (or me for that matter) who have young children but generally most of the people I know who are my age have children who are at least in their teens.

Nevertheless the fan base may just be lower than they think...but here's the thing: there's going to be an album and one assumes some kind of promotion for it; my ticket in Berlin is for  the end of June -- that's still  nearly five months away. My guess is, once the album comes out, and the promotional machine starts rolling, tickets will sell faster.

TW CLASSIC Sunday 21 June 2020 Festivalpark WERCHTER, BELGIUM line-up has been announced:

13:00 - 13:50 Sons
14:30 - 15:30 Sinéad O'Connor
16:10 - 17:10 Kaiser Chiefs
17:55 - 18:55 CROWDED HOUSE
19:55 - 21:00 The Killers
22:00 - 00:00 Paul McCartney

... expected the allocated time would be shorter than a regular gig "in the grand scheme of festival things", but ... one hour ... !? 

In case there's still any doubts - a reminder that it's already been soundly debunked by the man himself:

That whole template of Artist A is complimented on being the best songwriter/guitarist/painter/footballer/author... and defers to (insert your favorite Artist B) is as old as the hills. It grows legs, spreads and becomes a fact that never was - I think Eric Clapton may have been artist used in the original incarnation decades ago.  

It is a pity that everyone appears to be given such a truncated allocation of their usual stage time at TW Classic - maybe there's one or two bands too many on the bill, but that's the nature of festival sets - it's still a great lineup. I bought tickets before Crowded House were announced so I'm regarding it as a Paul McCartney show with bonus hour of my favorite band, now with the added bonus of an hour of Sinéad O'Connor too.

Let’s consider what it would be like if all acts would play a full show. I once attended an Eric Clapton / Elton John double bill with Bonnie Ryatt as a support act. So two full shows and a support act.  That was a VERY long day and too much of too many good things. 

I love CH obviously and would really love to see Macca. But don’t think I would like it better if both acts would play 120 mins sets. 

I refuse to see Neil finn under the name of crowded house ever again. Last time I did was 2010 and that was pushing it. I did say to mark out back, this is the last time. He genuinely seemed sad but I didn't mean to hurt his feelings, it's just, I think Neil has milked the name enough.

I took a few years off listening to ch because he pissed me off for that very reason. And I used to LOOOVE their music. Those of you who know me, and I know some of you do, will know I am true.

I just can't do it anymore. If Neil comes out as Neil or Neil and friends or pajama club or orangutans alive, I'm all for it. But crowded house? No. More power to y'all who want to tho. 😊❤

PS I've never reproduced (by choice) so that has NOTHING to do with it 😆

Would you care to elaborate on why Neil playing as Crowded House in 2010 was pushing it?  

Because 2 out of 4 band members were American. It was just weird. Paul had been dead for 5 years and he was a big part of ch. A BIG part.

2007 was weird as well but I gave it a chance, I'm not a black and white bitch, it was on a boat, I thought it'd be fun. But as we got on the national express to head to Bristol, I found out our geddy died. So it was a really weird show. Our friend is dead but so called ch has reunited. And Neil fell over amps from too much red wine. Any more questions, your honour?

Would you care to elaborate why you're being so defensive of a band that just doesn't exist anymore?


I didn't mention my seeing them in 2007 in my original response. Funny how you knew that. Whoever YOU are, like I care.

Oh yes, would you care to elaborate why you would want to see Neil tour under the name of ch, in 2020, after he sold out and toured with the mac?

Again, I don't really care but it's fun to watch people get their panties in a twist over it.  You guys are so serious sometimes 😙

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