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I was listening to Enzso the other day and I thought it would be interesting to hear Crowded House songs get the same treatment.

I know it'll probably never happen but I was wondering, what do you guys think? is it a good idea or should the Crowded House songs as we know them now be left in peace?
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Originally posted by Bsnifter:
[qb] Yeh,wasn't Neil quoted as saying "Never again-zo"?[/qb]
I think Neil said that about the tour, not the Enzso album. Neil and Tim didn't do the second album because they were both touring or busy doing something else.

Personally I loved Enzso, but hated Enzso 2. As much as I love Crowded House, their music was quite different to the more arty, almost classical music of the enz. So I'm not convinced that a kind of "Houseo" type project would work.

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