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Have the following items for sale for fair prices. Everything must go, so most offers

Split Enz Box Sets:
1972-79 Autographed by TF & Mr.Phudd
Both complete with booklets.

Split Enz CD's:
Mental Notes (Aus) Fully autographed.
The Living Enz (Aus D45029-30)

Miscellaneous CD's:
The Other Enz: Enz & Beyond Volume 1 (Raven)
I Like It Rare 2
Eddie Rayner: Horse (autographed)
Play It Straight (autographed)
The Makers: The Makers
Hokey Pokey
Tim Finn: Hit The Ground Running Part 2 + 3
bonus tracks (CD Single/UK)
Dave Dobbyn CD's: Twist

30 Cassettes of live/rare Enz/House/related
music. Haven't been played in years. The
whole lot very cheap.

Books: Letters To My Frenz w/CD (Note: small
water spots on bottom of several pages)
Book Enz
Stranger Than Fiction
Crowded House book

Would prefer to deal with North America only,
but that's not written in stone.

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