Was pleasantly surprised how enjoyable the Enzo concert was last Friday in Melbourne.  Nice job Eddie et al.  A pity more people won’t get to see it.

Good review here:


songs played (order not 100% correct):

Albert of India
One step ahead
Poor boy
Devil you know
I walk away
Stuff and nonsense
Message to my girl.
Shark attack
I got you
Stranger than fiction.
Time for a change.
Straight old line.
Dirty creature.
I see red
Edible Flowers
I hope I never.
Give it a whirl
History never repeats
6 months in a leaky boat.
My mistake

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Yes.  She got a couple of things wrong but generally a pretty accurate review. I didn’t think the vocals were buried. The singers were particularly good. Rima added a theatrical touch to hers. Her renditions of Stranger than Fiction and Time for a Change were brilliant. 

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