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A great doco, but, with regard to the audio, 'Enz With A Muffle' would have been a more appropriate title. The audio quality was atrocious, especially at the start. You can hardly even hear those fans talking. A fabulous record of the 'Enz With A Bang' tour, though. Some fab interview clips, great performances and it gave another point of view to actually see video footage that accompanies recordings on the Living Enz album. It was also was a real treat to see the vintage Telethon '75 clip...maybe that will make DVD #2? (*fingers crossed*). Now, if TVNZ would have only arranged to play more of their Enz footage from the archives.....*sigh*. Talk about a prime missed opportunity.
Absolutely, I just hope we don't have to wait for the 40th anniversary for TVNZ to show us what they have in the archives.

With regards to the Enz with a Bang doco, I got the feeling that Tim was less comfortable with the camera than the others. In the one on one shots with Tim, he rarely looks at the camera or the interviewer.

That maybe just a perception thing on my part rather than actual.....
The sound would have only dropped out on mono TVs. The problem was due to the left and right audio channels in the interview sections being out of phase with each other. When listened to in stereo, this gives a 3D effect, but in mono the channels cancel each other out almost completely.
This happens occasionally on TV and radio due to carelessness and/or faulty cables. The broadcaster is normally monitoring in stereo and so often doesn't notice the problem.
It's part of the reason why we didn't use a lot of the Enz with a Bang special on the DVD (also the cost). We fixed up some of the sound....and to be fair, the Countdown Footage from the same show was actually worse!!! See Jaffa's reasons why it would be a bit freaky on some peoples TV's etc etc.. 100% correct.
A lot of master copies used in previous specials are damaged, not sure how the telethon stuff is (condition wise) I think it was on the damaged list.....but hopefully a full version would of been transferred on a previous Enz special.....
I think TVNZ's archives are pretty limited as well (as far as master copies go).... they do have some material on video etc.

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