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I'm clearing out a library of Enz related material to the essentials that I wish to keep so I thought to give you good folk first option. In terms of Split Enz:

Complete gold box set ($250), complete silver box set ($250), 2007 box set with the single Luton CD ($200), an original Anniversary ($20), Extravagenza ($20), and Live/Alive Oh ($10). Copies of Mental Notes, Second Thoughts, and Beginning of the Enz in the gold box have been signed by Phil.

Both Schnell Fenster albums are here on CD along with The Swingers album (with 2 bonus tracks). These are $40 each or $100 for all 3; each have been signed by Phil.

All 5 Phil Judd solo albums from Novelty Act through to Flightless Bird are $15 each or $50 for all 5. 

In terms of Crowded House: the 1997 Chris Bourke biography is here for $20, while all 7 deluxe reissues from 2016 are sitting at $20 each. 

Everything is in immaculate condition barring a very slight corner peeling of the outside cover of the gold + the silver box exteriors. All discs are however in the condition in which they were bought. Thanks to all for reading; happy shopping -


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Hi, are all the Phil Judd solo albums signed or unsigned ?

I am after "Unique" and "Flightless Bird". What would postage be for those 2 alone ?


G'day -

The postage depends on where you live, Enzboy, and whether or not you wanted insurance on the cost; the albums have been signed. Cheers.

Hello again,

PM has just been received; the entire collection has gone in 1 job lot. That must be the fastest turnaround since the polls did a back flip during the federal election last week. Thanks everyone for reading,


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