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This just in from my techy husband (thanks Chris)...

If it's available for later viewing on the site, then right-click and "Save As" is the option. WARNING: This will take up many, many bytes of space... so best to save it on a disk or whatever...

If not... um can't really help, except you could tape the audio by hooking a recorder up to your "line in" plug. (Methinks I shall do this, if nothing else...)

Hope this helps someone. Mishima, the same thing ran through my mind too when Peter posted the link... so thanks for giving me the excuse to ask Wink
Originally posted by kia kaha:
[qb]...except you could tape the audio by hooking a recorder up to your "line in" plug. (Methinks I shall do this, if nothing else...)
Shouldn't that be your "line out" plug? I've burned vinyl to CD by plugging my stereo in to my computer through the "line in". If data is to be going out from computer to stereo/recording thing, doesn't it need to leave via the "out" plug?

(Bearing in mind I'm sitting here gazing lovingly at my new sound card and have done groovy stuff with it already, but I still don't fully understand how it all works Big Grin )

Does anyone else think it's a little odd that this webcast is coming up in a few days and there's no mention of it (the webcast, not the TV show) on the TV1 website? I'm wondering if I should go out later and buy two tin cans and an extremely long piece of string....
hi mishima, i'd like to get it captured as well and these would be the options i can think of :

1 - tv out in computer going to television set. video attached to television. press record on tape !

2 - dodgy stream grabbing program on computer. success is dependant on format of stream and how tricky things have been made.

for each of the above - gotta have fast cable internet connection to have a chance of getting both audio and streaming video.

3 - highlights on the website. probably easier to grab these files with certain thingies. but it's highlights which is a bummer but not bad if you can't keep stuff via option 1 or 2.

4 - the best option. it's being broadcast on nz tv ? so hopefully, somebody there with digital/cable tv has got a dvd recorder all ready to go. if not - go and hire one.

hopefully 4 will also apply for the ENZ WITH A BANG documentary on sunday.

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