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Thanks for all the replys. really what I was wondering is if the members of the classic enz line-ups, do work day jobs these days, or are they involved within the music business in other ways. Tim and Neil wrote the bulk of the songs, so I imagine that they have a nice financial portfolio. The others, what do they do for a living these days? Retired or no?

I was just wondering, thanks! Roll Eyes
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Nigel Griggs lives in the Melbourne Hills, his property comes with a massive oragnis Vegie garden so he spends most of his time looking after that. He just finished his own Cd titled SLEEPER which the first pressing sold out via the Frenz club. It was more of a fun thing and a chance for Nigel to put all his musical bits and pieces together on the one all the Enz he still gets his royalty cheques- Split Enz keeps selling cds.

Noel Crombie has just moved house, bought part of one of the schools that Jeff Kennet closed when he was in power in Victoria, so now Sally and Noel have space to work on those massive backdrops and curatins and props that they are famous for. Noel does some prop work for areas like TV...was also on the "Cats away" tour in NZ with Eddie Rayner.

Eddie- just releases his second solo cd Play it Straight. Works in the recording studio, he's also finished the remaster work for the Enz Best Of "History never repeats" for its NZ release in a few weeks.

Robert Gillies- apart from all those years of working on the TV show of Xena...he has been the weapons master on Lord of the Rings movie...and I think the upcoming Two Towers movie....

Phil Judd- tv music for Stingers, for many years he received $ for the song Counting the Beat as Kmart used it continually in their TV advertising, they just dropped it from their adverts. Has talked about releasing solo albums etc but haven't heard anymore .

Mike Chunn
works within the music industry in NZ (APRA) has written several really good books.

Hope that helps.
Umm...would someone please read the post that I painstakingly constructed on the subject of the current whereabouts of the Enz boys (under the earlier post "Where are they now? Crombie, Green and Griggs"). I feel like Brian Wilson here (i.e. carefully creating a masterpiece, i.e. Pet Sounds, that was wrongfully overshadowed by its contemporaries, i.e. Revolver and Blonde On Blonde). Thank you. Roll Eyes

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