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ha... reminds me of the time when i heard "I Got You" on the bus i catch to work.

the buses we have down here are wired up with radios, and the local radio station tends to play 80's hit's during peak hour traffic. (i remember hearing "Electric Blue" by Icehouse...)

and about a couple of months later, i was on the bus to work, and guess what i heard? "I got you, and that's all i want..."
Firstly, I NEVER thought I'd contribute to this thread.

As I was driving to my bass lesson this morning, I was listening to Jack.FM, which is a station on the Clear Channel Network, I do believe. Their whole shtick is "we play what we want" and it's a variety of time periods and genres.

Anyhow, I heard "I've Got You" and honestly, that is the first time in my life I have ever actually heard Split Enz on American radio.

I was shocked, but pleasantly so.

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