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I asked in Jbhifi and the enz back catalogue is going out of print.


They no longer have 'dizzrythmia', 'frenzy', 'beginning of the enz' and 'see ya 'round'. The rest look like they're available on their web site.


Might be a last opportunity to grab these great sounding remasters, happy hunting

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Usually it's just a case of Warner-Mushroom running out of stock and eventually doing another pressing run. But worth grabbing any that you can if you need them just in case.

I'm hassling therm to do more copies of the Split Enz DVD (yellow/blue cover ), it sold double platinum which is not too bad. So hopefully that will come back on the shelves. The Official Enz FB page has added a little bit of focus back on the Enz so seems sensible that Mushroom-Warerns stay on top of stock!

Hello all, new member here. I've been a casual fan of Split Enz for a long time and have a bunch of their LPs. I've recently become rather obsessed with them and missed the whole 2006 remaster reissues. It's astonishing to see all their studio albums on CD commanding such high prices second hand during a period in which CDs are not so popular. I'm surprised they've not been reissued again, given the demand. Keen to grab Mental Notes, Frenzy and Rootin, preferably for under $60, haha! Any sneaky leads to purchase options or insider info in regards to possible future reissues? Cheers!

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