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I'm unsure if i want to listen to the new album for the first time over the comp. Can you really get the real sound if it's not the real album?
Are we then able to copy the stream some how to a cd format??

Still unsure...

Can't wait to hold the new finn album in my hand. Everyone must be thinking the same!!

take care
I'm with you, Paul H. I'm one of those people who likes the buildup of anticipating the release date.....wondering where the best deal will be (although I usually just head to the local record/electronics store).....being all giddy driving home.....

Over the years I've always listened to any new release, not just Finn-related, when I go for my walks. There's something about listening to a CD for the very first time out in the fresh air that's very appealing to me.....although the people driving by probably think I'm a bit wacko because of the huge smile on my face! Big Grin

I just thought it was me being crazy wanting to wait. But no! Other people also hold the same view :-) Fantastic finn fans...

I have now made up my mind NOT to listen to the new finn brothers album over the comp. I want to hold it in my hand, place the cd in the player, turn off the lights, put the head phones on and move into my own finn world.

Am i alone in this...???
Thanks for the heads up Peter L - Amazon is offering up the month and a half stream as their incentive - although I feel the sell price is a bit out of line for a cd.

Agreed that there is nothing better than having to the cd in your hands, but as Amazon and other on-line retailers have found, the extra incentives keep some people from jumping on the peer to peers and d/l the album and or songs, legal and illegal
The Stream quality is good. I totally appreciate and respect those who want to wait until the tangible CD is released...but not having any new Finn music to listen to for a couple of years has caused a burning hunger in my soul and I've got to feed the beast before it's totally devoured by bad radio and corporate insanity. And I must say, the new songs have caused a wave of relief that is beyond expectations and belief!!!
It's a stream - not immediately in MP3 format.

You should be able to record it for your own pleasure, of course, but that probably partly depends on your level of technical ability..

As to the quality.. Seemed pretty good to me when I was listening this am before running out the door to work (where firewalls prevent my listening). Since I listen to my stuff on an MP3 unit anyway most of the time, I'm not desperately bothered whether I've got the stream or the 'real' deal.. I'll get the real thing when it's out and any extra audio I can perceive at that point will merely be a bonus.
I've got a Nettwerk promo on the way, put in a club order for the signed copy, purchased the EP from iTunes *and* bought one on, not even realizing that I could get immediate access to the full album (64k b/s, which sounds plenty good for now). I always buy the album--and usually a couple extra for friends--regardless of advances, making sure that my "vote" shows up in any industry sales tally that could help chart the album and such. Also want to know that I'm helping pay the artist.

As for getting a listen before the release date, I'm not into waiting for greatness (unless the means is illegal). Having done time in the music business for a decade, I know better than to believe that release dates have much to do with artists' intentions. It's marketing, scheduling priorities and all sorts of other stuff, usually internal. I can't imagine that I'd be any more surprised by what I hear if it's today or August 24th. Wait if you wish...nothing wrong with that (especially if it means not ponying up $18 on Amazon).

Having recently moved from LA to CT, I'm starved for good new music. It's all classic rock and other cr*p here. I've got to stream LA's KCRW to hear a good variety of new music. So, you can imagine another reason why I didn't wait for the new Finn record.

Lastly, I personally like to know the material when I see an artist live. Sure, it was exciting to hear NF perform "Gentle Hum" for the first time at Largo. But when we go to NYC and Boston, since there's so much new stuff, I'll prefer being familiar with it...makes me appreciate the differences in the live performance. That's just me....
Yeah, I must say that knowing the songs before you go to the gig helps you appreciate and enjoy them more.

That said, the first CH gig I ever went to, I only really knew maybe 5 or 6 of their songs (two of which they didn't play) and I was so enthralled I'm still here now Smiler

Point accepted about artist intentions regarding release dates, but its just that I don't want to end up buying the album just for the sake of having it in my collection and helping the chart sales. I want to buy it to get the music... Obviously, I'd rather hear stuff now but (and I mean this in the nicest possible way) not waiting is just sheer impatience Smiler

As they say, half the pleasure is in the anticipation Wink
Well, not waiting might be "sheer impatience" but fact is, we've waited rather longer than we expected to wait in the first place. Waiting now that it has been released seems a little weird to me unless you've got a signed copy on order or want to save a buck or three buy buying it from a local store.

In addition, for those of us in the US, this is a way to hear all of the new stuff before hearing it live - you UK-based lot will have had the album in your mits for approaching two months before you go to the shows (excepting the club show of course).

To me, waiting for a specific piece of plastic in my hand isn't going to make one shred of difference - I already have it "for the music".

Anyhoo.. To each their own.. I was merely making the info prominent for anyone who might've had an interest.
To Paul's point..."I don't want to end up buying the album just for the sake of having it in my collection and helping the chart sales"...believe me, the music is the single most inportant thing for me. That's exactly why I'll take (almost) the first opportunity to get it. I really don't see this as a patience issue as much as a "what are you willing to do to get your hands on it (legally)".

My comment about always buying a Finn CDs is not for the posterity of my collection or sales, per se. I often get (make that "got") promos, in which case I did nothign to contribute to a) lining their pockets (in a small way) b)adding a sales statistic. I think the latter is important in many ways. For instance, on iTunes, enough people bought the EP that it ranked in the top 10 for a day or two. This meant that the Finn Bros. appeared somewhat prominently on iTunes home page. That's automatic advertising that can attract more fans, old and new. If by first and foremost buying the music I'm also helping promote, I'm even more inclined. Same reason I send all of my music-loving friends missives about the artists that really feel passionate about (the few that they tend to be these days). I preach NF like the gospel...that's the effect his music has on me.

I'm generally critical of our American sense of instant gratification, which exists in so many places but seems to have been born and perfected here. But in a place barren of truly great music, I'm all for taking what you can get when you can get it, once again, legally! (Not really wishing to open a political Pandora's Box!!)

Patient, impatient, whatever really! Smiler I'll be listening to the KCRW simulcast today, just because I'm naughty anxious!!
OK, I just placed my order because I reeaaally want to listen to the new songs. And then, when I clicked on my Digital Locker, it said that I need Windows Media Player. Well, I have a Mac. So could someone please tell me what I should do next? I'll feel like a bit of a doofus if I just wasted $17 for an album that I now can't listen to. Thanks.
I downloaded the Installer, ran it through StuffIt, and it produced a document "Windows Media.sitx." When I clicked on it, for some reason it opened up my Script Editor, and it said "Could not read the dictionary of the application or extension because of a disk error." I know it shouldn't be opened through Script Editor, that makes no sense. I know how to change the program through which it's opened, but my question is, what should I do next?

Mods, would you prefer we take this into PM?

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