Just got back from the show. Here's the setlist: http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/...tralia-6bfa424a.html

Quick thoughts:

  • They soundchecked Recurring Dream again; didn't play it again! It is the only song to be done at both soundchecks and the only song from either soundcheck not yet played.
  • The first eight songs were magic, better than the first night. The run from "Whispers and Moans" to "Private Universe" was out of this world, one of the most spine-tingling sequences I have experienced at any gig ever (context: I go to about 70-80 shows per year).
  • "Nails in My Feet" is just superb; the ending absolutely soared.
  • More with Tim tonight - they added "How Will You Go" to the main set, and he got two songs rather than one in the encore.
  • I really didn't care for "Not the Girl", the crowd didn't seem to care for "Either Side of the World", and as much as I enjoyed "How Will You Go" it seemed to fall a little flat.
  • I would definitely say Thursday night had the better crowd and atmosphere, though tonight was not poor by any stretch of the imagination.
  • We got two songs from Time on Earth this time; "Pour le Monde" was pretty good.
  • There was a very humorous moment around "Pour le Monde" and "Don't Dream It's Over" when some fireworks started going off over the harbour! I've no idea what it was actually for but Neil joked they had arranged it. Fantastic timing.

On the whole, although the early going was superior tonight, I would say night one was the better show overall. It had for me a slightly better setlist (even with "Nails in My Feet" tonight) and I just enjoyed the overall atmosphere and experience more in the end. But holy god, songs 5-8, I will never forget how overwhelming that was.

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I would've loved to see this show! Adding "Nails in My Feet," "How Will You Go," and "Pour le Monde" are suggestions I would've made after the first night. If they had kept "In My Command," it would've been basically perfect!

Hey wow, I was just thinking ,after attending Thursday`s show, how cool it would`ve been to hear "Nails in My Feet" - but then thinking "as if!"

ANd then the guys DID play it on night two?! lol

(AND Pour le Monde??? Mon Dieu!)

Having said that ,I was perfectly satisfied with Thursday`s show!!!!

It was heaven. Pure bliss and elation!

Was worth the 6-year wait to see The Crowdies live again....for sure...tho I hope next time is much MUCH sooner

Thanks so much for your setlist & review of night 2 , Axver!!

Great stuff.

Hope you`ll be back for Encore #3  - so you can update us all again!!

lavar78 posted:

I would've loved to see this show! Adding "Nails in My Feet," "How Will You Go," and "Pour le Monde" are suggestions I would've made after the first night. If they had kept "In My Command," it would've been basically perfect!

I would say it's a tough call between those three and "Locked Out", "In My Command", and "Hole in the River", but no contest between "Sister Madly" and my old foe "Not the Girl". (Though I will take "When You Come" by a mile over "Italian Plastic".)

Fingers crossed "Recurring Dream" finally shows up. I'll be at both of the remaining shows so I'll keep doing my updates!

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Any shots of the stage available from anyone? Nothing I've seen online (mostly cell phone vids) show it... is there a backdrop? From Nick, or Crombie? 

I can't imagine they used the FTTW one again, but would be surprised if there's nothing.

I agree that the Thursday gig was better than the Friday. Thursday had a more upbeat set list and therefore a better party atmosphere - which is what I prefer in a gig. Friday was a more contemplative experience which is nice but through the middle section I was thinking they ought to pick up the pace a little, like maybe throw in Locked Out and get the gig pumping again. But, hey, this is a Crowded show and any gig is pretty frickin great - there are merely varying degrees in greatness. ☺

Sadly, this is my last show for this run as I'll be flying home this evening. I think between these two shows I've experienced the very best of the Crowdies in both party mode and contemplative mode and I'm glad I did two gigs and not just one.

On a side note, I made a lot of new friends on this trip and it's been an absolute pleasure meeting you all. I suppose in time I'll figure out all your Frenz forum handles and I'll be able to put names to faces. So thanks guys (well mostly ladies, actually ��) for making this trip such a pleasurable, welcoming experience. Looking forward to catching up next time. ☺

Oh and despite saying that I love a party gig over a contemplative gig, I'm going to now contradict myself and say that I loved Not The Girl You Think You Are. It's true that I wasn't sold on this song when it was released but I've fallen in love with it since and I thought it was a great addition. ☺

Totally agree that Either Side of the World and Not the Girl You Think You Are noticeably brought down the energy in the crowd but it was really solid up until that point and I loved hearing When You Come. Overall it was a wonderful night.

Great show, loved every second of it. Crowd was good, band was on form with banter and jokes. Couldn't have asked for anything more. Not The Girl and Either Side of the World were a welcome respite from me singing my guts out on every other song. When You Come was amazing and Chocolate Cake was out of this world good - and I'm not even a big fan of the song!

I think a great show is when Something So Strong doesn't grate on you! And loved them playing that song these last two nights.

Does anyone know what that song Kirin Callinan played was with the line in the chorus "It's Bravado"? Can't find it on his bandcamp page and it's been stuck in my head since Friday!

Howdy all, this is my first post- fitting that it reviews my first Crowdies gig. I desperately wanted to attend the FTTW concert, unfortunately I wasn't alive at the time. Hopefully the views of a newer fan offer some youthful exuberance. Having said that, my tastes are quite similar to Axver, so I could have nothing novel to add whatsoever.

Couldn't have asked for a better opening, three of the first four were singalong classics to get the crowd buzzing, whilst Mark's little catastrophe got the improv and banter going early.

Songs 5-8 transported me to heaven. Four of my favourites, few of which I was entirely confident I'd get to hear, all of which are far superior when played live. In particular the one-two punch of Fingers of Love/Private Universe, which translates to 12 minutes of eargasm coming from Mark's guitar. I was floating on air for the opening chords of FoL, pure elation at hearing my favourite song ever. I always preferred the accoustic mix of Private Universe on Afterglow, stripped of the opening samples featured on TA. This performance opened a new side of the song for me, one where it breaks the shackles yet only expands the atmosphere as it rocks out to a climax, just like the previous three songs.

Pineapple Head confirmed my long-held suspicions- the silly fun of it all is captured much better in a live setting. I never had a huge wrap for Not the Girl or Either Side, fortunately the energy of the crowd during the former and the band during the latter ensured the show didn't die in the water. Things came roaring back with Nails in My Feet- easily a top 10 track and a wonderful surprise after its omission from Thursday's setlist.

The love for Tim was palpable throughout his cameos. His cheeky look at Mark as he sang of "the excess of fat on your American bones" was gold. How Will You Go is no classic but I never thought I'd hear it live, which was a treat. Neil suggesting he "bring the old boy back" for more albums had the approval of the crowd.

Neil dedicating Pour le Monde to Hessie as fireworks lit up the bridge was an unforgettable moment. Distant Sun was truly kickass.

The encore filled the quota of hits, with Four Seasons the definite highlight for me.

No surprise, a glowing review as I felt like a kid in his first candy shop. It takes a veteran of many gigs to start picking faults in a Crowdies performance.

PS: Per Nick's behest, I shall henceforth refer to all drink bottles as 'sentinels of quench'.

Nice review and welcome! Can't speak for anyone else, but "How Will You Go" is every bit of a classic to my ears. It's my favorite Finn Bros. song bar none.

lavar78 posted:

Nice review and welcome! Can't speak for anyone else, but "How Will You Go" is every bit of a classic to my ears. It's my favorite Finn Bros. song bar none.

No doubting its quality, I suspect for many of us it has simply become buried amongst the gold mine of Finn Bros melodies, whilst it never had the singles chart success to reach the masses directly. I was about 10 deep with the slightly more casual crowd, singing my guts out to it and nobody else seemed to know the lyrics.

SlickStu posted:

Not sure which song that was but I been searching the net for more and I have stumbled upon these two songs which he did play the other night.

I don't know what this one is called:


And here's The Toddler - what a crack-up!


Edit: Here's another - Love Delay:


At one point during 'The Toddler', Nick couldn't help but pop his head around the curtain to figure out what the hell was going on... The man has no doubt seen more than his share of wonderful nonsense from touring with Hessie for years, but still he stood transfixed with this dumfounded grin, equal parts entertained and uncomprehending of what he was witnessing.

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