Let's perhaps have individual threads for thoughts and reflections on the four Encore gigs. Here's one for tonight.

The setlist is here, and like tonight I will do the next three live (I'll update in batches of about 3 songs so that I'm not getting the phone out all the time): http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/...tralia-33fa4485.html

Some quick thoughts:

  • I love that the first thing I got to hear of this wonderful run of shows was the soundcheck of my favourite song, "Recurring Dream". Shame it didn't actually make the set, but it did sound a little rustier than the others. Hopefully it'll be in the mix tomorrow!
  • Great to have Tim for four songs! "Chocolate Cake", with a sly dig at Trump, was the most fun song of the night.
  • Or maybe "Sister Madly" was the most fun. I'm so glad to finally get to hear it live.
  • Playing "Italian Plastic" for Hessie was a really nice touch. I'm not a big fan of the song but quite enjoyed it tonight.
  • But the highlight, the absolute best part of the show, was the mid-set run of "Fingers of Love", "Private Universe", and "Hole in the River". Haunting and evocative. Mark killed it on lap steel for "Private Universe".
  • The band seemed in fine form and good humour, feeding off an enthusiastic crowd that really sung along nicely.

Can't wait for what's next!

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Sounds fantastic. wish I was there so much - enjoy this unbelievable experience folks! 

Please tell me we will get a dvd of this... 

Absolutely best night. In my twenty years of seeing the band and Neil in different guises, this was up there as one of the best vibes. 

Just some tips, if you wanna dance and move to the music, try to be on one of the first steps or in the mosh, some people got mad up the back that people were standing up in front of them, and there's no better way to ruin your moment then having people yelling at you to sit down ( didn't happen to me but I saw it happening)

Seriously brilliant night. There is no one out there that shreds and sings such amazing songs like Neil , and the boys are such a great complement to him. We are lucky to have them still so strong and in top shape. Every body was pretty much nailing it.

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