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I'm listening on Spotify now; will be very interested to hear others thoughts on Elroy's new album. 

So far, to me, it is going to have to be a grower. Moody, atmospheric, can hear some similarities to Lightsleeper and some Connan Moccasin influences, maybe. Would have liked to have a pure pop song or two, with some catchy hooks. Seems to be very "samey" all the way through. 

Your skin is like water on a burning beach

And it brings me relief

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Elroy seems to be aiming for a certain kind of atmosphere in his music.

But unlike acts like Thievery Corporation, Strawpeople, or Federico Aubele, all whom I really like, Elroy doesn’t seem to sustain my interest for the duration of a complete track.  I felt the same way about his flamenco guitar duo, the name of which escapes me now.

Honestly, if he wasn’t Neil’s son, I would not have given this the amount of attention I have given it.

Not for me.  But maybe I am not the target audience.

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Good idea to have fans review the album! 


It always takes me a long time to digest albums. I almost never immediately fall in love with an album. 

This album is no exception: I have to work hard to like each track :-) 

The album is very relaxed with weird hooks, and very subtle changes. No pop-like sugar anywhere. Whereas Neil and Liam both put pop-sensibilities in their tracks, Elroy does not seem to have this. I want to recommend the album to friends, but the album lacks a clear shareable track.  Soundwise it reminds of Connan Mockasin and sometime George Harrison. “Life is at home” sound like a lost 70’ties Harrison. 

For now my favourites are: “The whole thing” and “lost our mystery”.

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