I'd say it belongs in the Neil forum at this point, because the only official release is on Neil Finn's CD.

If they ever release it on the next Finn Brothers CD, at that point it will become more pertinent to the Finn Bros. forum. This makes the most sense to me anyways. Hope this helps,

Tommy J
It should go in the Finn Brothers forum, because it's a Finn brothers track co-written by both Finn Brothers and it is due to be released on the new Finn Brothers album (Neil said so himself when they played it in Auckland).

Even though it appears on 7 Worlds Collide (a Neil release) it is still a Finn Brothers song, as are Angels Heap and Suffer Never which also appear on 7 worlds collide.

Thats my opinion anyway.

p.s. How can this be considered an Enz song? It was written about 18 years after the Enz split (no pun intended) wasn't it? I was under the impression it's a new song from what Neil says on the 7 worlds DVD about the song.

p.p.s. When did Eddie Vedder cover/play this song?
"Edible Flowers" was recorded by Split Enz in 1999 as a possible release around the time of the "Enz of the Millennium" concerts. In the end, they decided not to release it.

Eddie Rayner (not Vedder) recorded a version of it a year or two ago for his upcoming "Play It Straight" album. This is a collection of covers of forgotten songs by New Zealand writers, including "Play it Strange" by PJ (Phil Judd, not Pearl Jam.)

Neil & Tim then said they were going to record "Edible Flowers" for their next Finn album. It'll be interesting to see if they do, having now issued a live version.

And who knows... maybe Paul Hester's upcoming album might feature "Edible Undies"...?

I think it belongs on the Enz area... because it started out as an Enz song.
If it is tagged under the area for NF solo, then gets moved to Finn brothers when they record it, do you then move it to the Eddie Rayner section when he releases his version of it.
Nah the Edible Flowers "germ" started with the Enz.
Thats only my 2cents worth.
Jeremy is absolutely right, the Enz wrote it in 1999, and although it has only been released as a live version so far with Neil and Tim singing, I concur with Peter that it should go on the Enz forum.....

good, that's off my chest....!

Has anyone created an mp3 of the Split Enz version of Edible Flowers? I bought the yellow Enz dvd, pretty much for this and Lord Nord (which I've since heard) but when it came, found out it's in a format that won't play on anything I own. So I feel like, financially at least, I've paid for it. I've asked in a few threads how it differs from subsequent versions, but no answers. Anyway, if anyone could e-mail me an mp3, pm me for my address. It would be greatly appreciated.

The Enz version has never been released, nor leaked, as far as I know. It’s been a while since I dug it out, but if I recall, it has a similar tempo, though just slightly faster than how it ended up. Noel drums throughout. Similar vocal arrangement. No strings, of course. Very much a draft.

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