Being more of a Neil's girl myself, I always think that, too, Jeffcoop! Wink
But, now, in all seriousness...
The time of EIH the boys were very much acknowledging their connectedness and their "roots" (as in the video for Part of Me, Part of You) so I kind of think of this video as being about them being like 2 heads of the same coin. Or two ends of the some horse, as it were! Razzer
But I hope you know what I mean...I think the fellas were enjoying being different to one another, yet complementary.
Jeffcoop- I remember my 'condition' of being in that horse suit on stage was that I was always the horses head! *GRIN*... usually it was crew in the back part, a couple of times I invited a Frenz member to be in the back part of the suit.

The Finns did wear it a few times. The one thing I remember was the very limited viewing you got whilst in the suit and the stage was always pitch black except for one spotlight.... so usually I did a quick walk through and a step count. Only once did I go very close to the edge and the crew calling out 'go right go right'!

The horses furry legs were very warm so great when it was a cold venue!!!!!

I do remember Renee from Frenz agreeing to be in the back of the suit at a NZ gig and the boys changed their mind and wanted the horse 'waving' (regally) from the balcony!!!!!! (It's hard for the rear end to wave regally)! *GRIN*.

Tim especially would be eager to run onstage and I could hear him shout "come on come on don't hog it" as they ripped a leg and head off and bolted on stage! (:

The things we do....
Sorry, way off topic, but 2 stage stories do spring to mind...

Not sure if my memory is failing me but I think that at the final Auckland gig in '84 Tim actually walked out too far and fell off stage. I don't remember seeing it per se, but I'm pretty sure his first words were, "Well I just fell off the stage."

Also, there was a good story of Nathan's I have somewhere in an old article where he said that in his very early days as manager for the Enz he led them out to the stage in the dark and then, before the lights came on and without warning, Tim pushed him off! Tim said, "well, um, it wouldn't have looked very good if he was standing there with us when the lights came up". Love it.
I've managed to do the infamous Spinal Tap walk onto the stage.... the change room was quite away from the stage and yours truly with his trusty stage torch walked the band for what seemed like an eternity... into a glass room cul de sac!

Thankfully the band found it funny- I felt like a total tool (and was probably punished with Eddies wet towel!!!)

From that day on I always double checked that we had "TO STAGE"(arrow) signs stuck to the walls!

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