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I have an account with Paypal, but not with ebay.
My daughter's boyfriend has an account with ebay, but not with Paypal.

He made a winning bid at an ebay auction and asked if I could use my Paypal account to pay for the items, and he would reimburse me. He gave me the auction number, and I visited the page. At the top of the page it said [his ebay id] had won the auction. And "if you are [his ebay id] click here. So I did, as I wanted to make sure I was sending money to the right person. The next page had payment options. So I clicked on the one for Paypal, and the next page had my Paypal account log in (cookies, I assume). I then paid for the auction item with no more questions asked about my identity.

What is bothering me, is surely I shouldn't be able to do that? ebay never asked for my daughter's boyfriend's ebay password. What is stopping anyone, after an auction has closed, paying for the item, putting in their own address and taking it before the winner sends in their own payment details? Especially if the winner takes some time to pay?

The item would have been paid for, but could be in the post to the wrong person before the winner knew what was happening.

BTW, I added a message in Paypal to say I wasn't the winner, I was paying on his behalf. And I put my daughter's boyfriend's postal address in. I hope I haven't broken any rules by doing this...I'm not very familiar with ebay.

But shouldn't ebay ask for your ebay password when you pay, so the right person claims the item?

Puzzled...and should I tell them. I had a query about Paypal - when they changed their terms and condtions you had to say you 'understood' their method of resolving disputes. I couldn't work out if it applied outside California, and e-mailed to ask for clarification. They never replied. It's put me off asking these big sites questions at all.
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Thanks for the replies. I've waited in case there was any response/feedback, but I've heard nothing. Not from the seller or ebay.

My daughter says the items have arrived in the UK from the US.

What is bothering me is, her boyfriend is over fifty miles away and has never used this computer. We even have very different computers. He's using Windows XP, I'm using Mozilla on Linux.

However, I'm probably not in trouble for pretending to be someone else. Smiler
Ohhhh, I get it. Totally misread/misunderstood you the first time around. For some reason I thought he'd been using your computer.

The URL he sent you would probably have been to a secure page - i.e. like he was already signed in. If you go and have a bit of a fang about over at ebay and have a look at some finished auctions, you should find that if you are logged in, it will tell you you were not successful/someone else was, and not give you an opportunity to pay via Paypal. If you are not logged in, you still generally don't get an opportunity to pay - especially via Paypal. Sometimes you might get a link to an external site that will process a credit card (i.e. not Paypal) that you don't have to be logged in to access. Theoretically your evil plan could work here I suppose, but there would be confusion and terse words. Investigation would ensue; the hoaxer would be chased out of Ebay with virtual flaming torches.

At least, that's what I have found. The only times I recall seeing the 'click here if you are the winner' link were on occasions when I have been the winner.

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