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Hi fellow Finn Fanns.

I've had a clean out and have decided to sell my Finn-related VHS tapes and DVDs. They are all in very good, perfect, if not immaculate, condition. Looking through them some I never even played!

There's some rare stuff and hard to get stuff, all bought in Australia.

There is:

Crowded House, I Like To Watch VHS

Split Enz 1972 - 1992 VHS

Crowded House - Woodface -  Great Australian Albums documentary - The Story Behind The Album DVD

Split Enz - One Out Of The Bag - DVD and CD set - recorded live at the Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, 2006

Crowded House - The Videos - DVD - featuring a previously unreleased 26 minute interview - released 2002

Crowded House Nails In My Feet VHS including footage from Together Alone recording session

VHS of 1996 Farewell Concert - Sydney Opera House

Neil Finn and Friends 7 Worlds Collide DVD

Neil Finn  - Sessions at West 54th DVD

Ideally I'm hoping to sell within Australia as one package for AU$250, postage included, but I'm more than happy to consider selling them as individual items. I'd be looking for about $45 per item which would include postage within Australia.

If anyone overseas is interested I'm happy to discuss how we could facilitate that.

Happy to receive replies here, or PMs, or emails to

Happy to give as much details as possible about the specs of the items, too.

And of course if this is not allowed here, happy to delete this post.

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