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Listen to a live version of "There Goes God" with Hessie on drums. (The version on the Recurring Dream bonus disc is my favourite, and you can hear it here.) Don't they sound fat?  That lovely reverb; you sound like you're right there with the band.

Now, listen to anything Neil has done in the last 10 years - the new charity single is a very obvious example. All the drums sound like they had a towel sitting on top of them.

Does Neil have something against drum reverb, or is it just the shifting of the music industry and I'm a curmudgeon? 

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This shows live especially - Matt’s dry crisp snare vs Paul’s big echoey one give the songs completely different vibes, and only Paul’s feels right. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy Matt’s contributions to the live band - he’s a great drummer and on some songs he really shone (e.g. Private Universe), but his overall _sound_ never completely clicked.

Looking forward to hearing how Elroy’s live sound develops.

I was always surprised about the shift in drum sound on Radiohead albums between Hail To The Thief and In Rainbows, from quite boomy, reverby drums deliberately constructed over several takes (albeit mixed in with more electronic beats as their albums went on) to quite treble-y, dry, first take jazzy drums from In Rainbows onwards. It really took me some getting used to!

I don't mention that here as a non-sequitur, but because Radiohead have been a bit of a cultural barometer in alternative music, so I guess that's the trend these days, and Neil and Co. are just following suit.

I do miss Paul's warm, reverby drum sound though.

As no one's mentioned him yet I will. Peter Jones even tho he was only there 94-96 had a great drum sound. Similar to Hessie's but his own sound. Having seen PJ live with CH once I can say he was incredible. It's great we've got the two disc Afterglow so we can enjoy him with CH in the studio.

Wish we had more of Pete in the studio. I have a playlist I call "Go Pete!" (from Walk Tall) with him drumming. Really enjoy his work. Wish they had finished the aborted album with him. He deserved it.


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