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just wondering if someone could answer me this. Tonight I was in my local drugstore schlepping my way down the shampoo aisle, when I hear over the speaker "Won't Give In". I was happily startled! I know there are companies who produce music for retail outlets etc... but how is it I heard this before the official release date and over a speaker in Shoppers Drug Mart in Vancouver, Canada?
By the way, I was at the Vancouver, Orpheum date and it was fabulous. Very sentimental for me, as I am almost as old as Neil Finn. Did anyone catch the L.A. broadcast from NPR? It sounded amazing.

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That is totally cool that you heard it at the store. I would have been Happily startled also! I haven't heard it anywhere here in Reno yet but that is not surprising. No one here seems to even know who they are. I was happily surprised when my hairstylist today actually remembered Crowded House! Most people don't even remember them...poor souls don't know what they are missing.

I love Vancouver! One of my favorite cities that I have ever been to. My husband and I used to go up there for hockey games when we lived in Seattle. How I miss that. I was at the San Fran show and that was also fabulous.

Won't Give In in the drugstore? Ah, heaven! Where does the music come from? For years I heard Neil and Tim in the grocery store. My daughter works at Cold Stone Creamery ice cream franchise which is throughout S. Cal as far as I know - she hears Rest of the Day Off regularly.

I love WGI - I think it has a lot of mainstream potential. But the Bros are like the amazing thing that only we're on to - not sure I want to share!
This isn't exactly a drugstore story, but close enough. I've talked about the Finns recently to a lot of the people I know (trying not to babble and bubble, but not always succeeding). On Tuesday, one of these non-fans told me she'd heard a Finn Brothers song on the radio. Was I thrilled? You bet! This is someone who'd never heard of either Finn till I told her about them. She heard the song on the local NPR station, which does a compilation of KCRW "Morning Becomes Eclectic" shows every Sunday night. Every bit of airplay helps, I think. And it was personally satisfying that I'd caused a non-fan to recognize the name. Smiler

I often find that drug store radios, and some restaurant radios, play songs you don't expect to hear. Just yesterday, I was having lunch at a Boston Market and "Weather With You" came on--odd, but not as odd as sometime last year when a muzak version of the same song appeared on a different radio at a different restaurant.

I'm really hoping to hear "Won't Give In" at KFC, which is always good for some unexpected songs.

I *might* have some insight into this. Let me copy and paste an old email here that might explain it.

-----Original Message-----
To: Muzak feedback
Subject: Muzak in America, Music from Australia / New Zealand??

I'm a computer professional who, over the last few
years, has consulted in a dozen companies, a dozen
buildings, and the like. Most of these office
buildings subscribe to the Muzak service in their
office lobbies and the like.

For a few years, I've noticed what I believe to be a trend in the selections of music appearing on the standard Muzak channel used in most office complexes I've been in, and I finally figured I had to ask about it. It's got to be more than mere coincidence.

In my mind, I imagine there's a small team of
professionals choosing and obtaining music selections for your firm. And based on listening to some rather uncommonly known tracks pop up with surprising regularlity, I'm guessing one of them is either originally from Australia or New Zealand, or just a big fan of music from the region.

It's one thing to play the 1986 single "Don't Dream it's Over" by Crowded House. That was a pretty big hit in the USA, and would at least be relatively familiar. I hear it two or three times a week in our building complex.

It's another thing to pick up "You're Not the girl you Think You Are", the non-single bonus track from the same band's Best Of album. Only big fans of Crowded House would be familiar with the song.

For that matter, most American music fans, even most American rock / MOR / AOR rock fans, wouldn't be familiar with solo album tracks by Crowded House's Neil Finn or his brother Tim Finn. Or with New Zealand's solo singer Bic Runga.

For tracks by these artists to pop up as regularly as they do, I'm guessing somebody in control of rotation is a fan. And I've noticed this pattern for 3 or more years, in different cities, firms, corporations, and building complexes, all of whom subscribe to the Muzak

I thought about this for awhile, then told myself,
"well, maybe Muzak purchases blocks of music en masse from record label corporations, and these musicians' libraries were simply chosen as convenient block copyright licenses or something." But then I remembered that they're not all on the same label. I'm still convinced some music buyer at Muzak is a big fan of Kiwi music and intentionally licenses works they

Any insight you can give me?


The reply came from Muzak weeks later...

-----Original Message-----
From: *****
Subject: RE: Muzak in America, Music from Australia / New Zealand??

Well, you're wrong about one of us being Australian, but very right about us being fans of the Finn brothers in all their various configurations. I myself became a fan in the 80's when I first heard Split Enz. As far as other artists from down under, we find that a lot
of music from Australia has a very bright, very positive sound that makes it right for the music programs we create. Thanks for taking the time to write, and we'll keep the music (particularly Australian music) playing.

And so perhaps the mystery is solved?

I've deleted the email address of the Muzak rep above, just out of courtesy.
This explains a lot! A couple weeks ago in the morning I was listening to Woodface, then stopped in the local drugstore before I went to work. The last song that was playing at home was "Weather With You". So imagine my shock when, as I walked into the drugstore, the intro to "Weather With You" began again! It was a real Twilight Zone moment! I thought, wait, am I dreaming this?...

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