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A mate of mine has a small record shop n Cambridge.

Good time to support small business, so if your thinking of buying the vinyl Rob at Lost in Vinyl will welcome the custom

limited 180g silver coloured vinyl LP in gatefold sleeve.

This coloured edition is exclusive to indie stores


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@Quadpus posted:

Does anyone know the quantities of the coloured vinyls? I have counted 6 colours available and would be interested what the pressed amounts are.
I've seen black, blue, silver, bone, black + blue, black + blue + bone.
Seems to me the silver and black + blue are the most difficult to get?

The only version I have seen with "stated" quantities was the Black & Blue half and half stating "Limited to 500 copies" (see below) - Not clear if this is 500 worldwide or just UK - but someone will know ;-)

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