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The 'Don't Stop Now' video was serviced globally last week and has played a few times already on C4 in New Zealand. Great clip. Anyone else seen it yet?
It's possible that it might be online at but it doesn't work on a Mac, so I'm not sure if this is the music video or not.
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Nothing seems to be in existance as far as those links are concerned for anyone in Oz by the looks of things. Frowner I've got Windows XP and the Media Player but nothing works. Frowner

Hopefully with a little luck if the clip doesn't turn up anywhere online, the Aussie fans might get a dose rather soon on ABC's RAGE program on Friday nights. Smiler

But lets hope it does turn up online somewhere if not Youtube for those outside of Oz and NZ. Wink
Originally posted by Racheal:

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Could you folks get Peter Green to organise you all to email EMI instead? We definitely won't play it until we have it...

Ahhhh...the Rage Mods do not know or want to believe that through the experience of years of fandom the Frenz can mobilise and email Rage all on our own. Smiler PG has nutured this talent through the years and taught us well!

And I am thinking maybe this mod also looked after the countdown poll site that we had so much fun on Wink
that does sound a bit odd.

anyway I've put my vote in regardless, the more they hear from us frenz, the more they might take notice, especially if they do receive the clip in time for the weekend.

Gee, it's been a long long time since I pulled an all-nighter to see a particular clip Big Grin
Originally posted by Greatfox:
has anyone seen this on mtv or vh1 or channel v here in asia?

it is from my experience in 9 years in singapore that MTV Asia will never play anything even remotely as good as Crowded House, ever. Don't know about Channel V though, it might be there...

too bad. it's the only international music vid channel that we get in our city. our provider discontinued channel v which was where i got a lot of crowded house vids when they did a feature on the band for RECURRING DREAM. i'm hoping MYX (Phil's top music vid channel) would play that. i still have to get their email though.
I really liked the video. Lots of good effort put into it. I'm still not a huge fan of the song.....a little too mainstream sounding to me. I can't put my finger on it.....but essentially it sorta brings me down instead of up. Neil's songs have always brought me up with no swirling, depressing flow to them like this one seems to have. But, once again, I could be wrong and I'll have to hear the whole CD in it's entirety. Now, I'l duck to avoid all the stones thrown at me....hehe.
Frankly, how you can say Neil has never written a solemn song, and then call this exactly that, is beyond me. DSN has a great rhythm that is very catchy - yeah its mainstream, but its mainstream CH-style.

The video... I like how they've developed the album artwork, but (as with most videos these days, I suppose) it seems to lack any kind of coherence, and isn't a great watch for someone new to Crowded House.

But of course, as long-time fans, we all love it. And there's nothing wrong with that.
From my perspective (living in the U.S.), none of our music channels show videos any longer, so not sure this is gonna be seen by many but the fans that would be seeking it out. I agree with Scottish that this probably will not win over new fans like an 80's cutting edge Peter Gabriel video, but it will satisfy the current fans. We all want to see the BAND and see how they look after 10 years. We also want to see Matt, the new guy (great energy!) The song, well it has grown on me more and more after each listen. It has some classic CH hooks and a fuller sound - dare I say a more mature sound? I better not, that makes me feel older Wink
I agree with Carter...chances of this video getting any air time here in the states - other than Classic/Current on VH1 Classic is pretty slim (this country's marketing "gurus" have a tough time understand what the "V" means in MTV or VH1)...that being said...

This video is BLAZING with energy and fits the song extremely well (drifting back to Jaffaman's interview and Neil told us what the song's about). They all look they're having a blast and enjoying themselves. Utilizing the cover concept for the video was amazing. Matt Sherrod is one hell of a special drummer and I love the new addition. They're BACK!!!!

This is yet another victory for the Crowdies.
WOW! I am impressed. This is by far the best Crowded House video I've ever seen (and I've seen almost all they ever made).
The images perfectly suit the song. The animations are amazing!!!
This also reminded me of some of Tim's videos (like Underwater mountain, Couldnt Be Done, and Horizon).
I got goose bumps just watching it!!!
This video rocks big time....
This video is just superb, IMO. Along with what other folks have said, I agree that brings the song alive (and I love the inside reference to Sharon's mosaic busts Smiler) and feels full of a very particularly Crowded House kind of energy. The extended metaphor works perfectly--I love almost all the lyrics, love the drumming, love the bridge especially. BUT:

I STILL wish he could have come up with a more meaningful summary line than "Give me something I can write about/cry about". ARRGGHH!! I swear, I keep listening to try to like it *this* time, and it never happens. Such a cliche. The rest of it is fabulous and it makes me want to bang my head against the wall that he didn't hold himself to a higher standard on that important line.

EDIT to add: I *love* the look that each one of the guys has going--the individual variations on the suit jacket fit each one of them so well, even poor Matt made to drum in a suit (shades of Charlie Watts LOL) Can I just say that Nick gets more and more feline every year? And I mean that in a very good way...

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